Vito Hannibal Acconci and Bernadette Mayer, July, 1969

Reprint - Ugly Duckling Press, 2006

Note: Names listed as they appear in the table of contents.

Jasper Johns
Yvonne Rainer
Alan Sondheim
Lee Lozano
Lawrence Weiner 
Steve Paxton
Vito Acconci - Contacts / Contexts (Frame of Reference): ten pages of reading Roget's Thesaurus (New York: St. Martin's Press, 1965)
Bernar Venet - Proposition for a Play
Robert Barry - The Space Between Pages 29 & 30
Dan Graham - Eisenhower and the Hippies
Philip Corner
John Giorno
Douglas Huebler
John Perreault
Lee Lozano
Robert Smithson - Map
Karen Pirups-Hvarre
Michael Heizer
Clark Coolidge
Robert Barry
Bernadette Mayer
Adrian Piper
Nels Richardson
Larry Fagin
Rosemary Mayer 
Douglas Huebler
Bern Porter
Hannah Weiner
Robert Smithson - Upside Down Tree
Adrian Piper
Rosemary Mayer 
Dan Graham
Bernadette Mayer 
Sol LeWitt
Supplement: Street Works 
Gregory Battcock 
Scott Burton 
James Lee Byars
Rosemarie Castoro
Eduardo Costa 
Bill Creston
John Giorno
Bobbi Gormley
Deborah and Keith Hollingworth 
Stephen Kaltenbach
Les Levine
Lucy Lippard
Abraham Lubelski 
Rosemary Mayer 
Meridith Monk 
Ben Patterson 
John Perreault
Adrian Piper
Marjorie Strider 
Mr. T
Anne Waldman 
Lewis Warsh
Hannah Weiner