New York

A.I.R Gallery opened in September 1972 as an alternative space women's co-op gallery. Barbara Zucker and Susan Williams initially recognized the need to establish a women's run gallery and joined with Dotty Attie, Maude Boltz, Mary Grigoriadis, and Nancy Spero to select 14 additional artists to form the initial co-op. A.I.R. Gallery opened at 97 Wooster Street, New York in a narrow space [70' x 21'] that had priviously been a machine shop.

Detail: The Special Task - An exhibition of works by women architects M. Christine Boyer / Elizabeth Demetriades / Lenore Goldberg / Corine Northcote Sidnam 1984  
Mary Beth Edelson Mary Beth Edelson 1975  
Opening Exhibition - September 16 - October 4 [catalogue / poster with large image of gallery, b7w photographs of works by gallery artists, images of initial gallery clean-up and list of artists in the opening exhibition] Group 1972 members included in exhibition: Dotty Attie / Agnes Denes / Harmony Hammond / Patsy Norvell / Howardena Pindell / Nancy Spero
Overview 1972-1977: An Exhibition in Two Parts Corinne Roberts 1978  
A.I.R. Members' Portfolio edition of 100 1992  
Patsy Norvell: Sculpture (study for "Jungle Wall") fold out announcement 1982  
Anne Healy: Sculpture image / text 1973  
Rachel bas-Cohain single sided / text and drawing 1973  
Loretta Dunkelman single fold image and text 1973  
Nancy Spero / Maude Boltz single fold images and text 1973  
Kazuko: String Works image and text one side 1975  
Pat Lasch: Family Portraits image and text 1977  
Daria Dorosh: Watercolors / Maude Boltz: Wrappings text and pattern 1974  
Maude Boltz photo: George Trow and text 1976  
Five Artists: Gerda Meyer Bernstein / Jane Gilmor / Nancy Storrow / Barbara Takenaga / Mary Weidner 2 fold announcement with one image for each artists 1987  
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