Producer: Bob George - One Ten Records

Acconci, Vito Ten Packed Minutes  1977
Anderson, Laurie Two Songs for Diego / Is Anybody Home / It is not the bullet that kills you - It's the hole 1976/7 
Apple, Jackie Black Holes/blue sky dreams  
Beckley, Connie Triad Triangle  1977
Burton, Jim High Country Helium  1976 
Cortez, Diego Cataract Monologue  1976 
Fox, Terry The Labyrinth Scored for the Purrs of 11 Different Cats  1976
Haimsohn, Jana Hav'a Lava Flow 1977 
Heyward, Julia Mongolian Face Slap / Big Coup (1 &2) / Nose Flute 1977 
Katz, Leandro Animal Hours  1977 
Monk, Meredith Rally / Procession  1975/6 
Nonas, Richard What Do You Know  1976/7 
Oppenheim, Dennis Broken Record Blues 1976