New York, New York

The Alternative Museum opened in 1975 as the "Center for International Arts" on East Fourth Street, in 1979 it became The Alternative Museum after moving to 17 White Street. The artist Geno Rodriguez was the founding director and curator of The Alternative Museum. The Alternative, like The Franklin Furnace, is currently operating as a website on the internet.

Adrian Piper: Reflections 1967 - 1987 Jane Farver 1987
Alternating Currents Terry Berekowitz and David Donihue 1985
Artists of Conscience: 16 Years of Social and Political Commentary Geno Rodriguez 1991 
Artists of Conscience II Kerri Sakamoto + 1992
Aspects of Resistance: Rupert garcia [includes conversation between Garcia and Guillermo Gomez-Pena] Geno Rodriguez 1994
A Tale of Two Cities: Belfast / Beirut Nickard, Gary and Geno Rodriguez 1990
Beyond Aesthetics: Artworks of Concience Geno Rodriguez 1991
Constructed Image / Constructed Object  Geno Rodriguez 1984
Contra Media  Terry Berekowitz 1983
Dennis Adams: Building Against Image 1979 - 1987 Patricia C. Phillips 1987
Disinformation: The Manufacture of Consent  Geno Rodriguez 1985
Emerging Artists Robert H. Browning 1980
Enrique Chagoya: When Paradise Arrived  Moira Roth 1987
Foreign Affairs: Conflicts in the Global Village  Geno Rodriguez 1988
Hell - Luis Cruz Azaceta: Selected Works 1978-1993 Geno Rodriguez 1994
Houston Conwill: The Passion of St. Matthew Mary Schmidt Campbell 1986
Ikon / Logos: Word as Image Robert H. Browning 1981
Liberty and Justice Group Material and The Alternative Museum 1986
Luis Camnitzer: Uruguayan Torture  The Alternative Museum 1984
Luis Jimenez: Sculpture and Works on Paper Dave Hickey 1984
Prisoners of Image: Ethnic and Gender Stereotypes Geno Rodriguez and Robin Legere Henderson 1989
Seeing is Believing? Photo Generated Artworks Geno Rodriguez 1986
Theater of the Object: Reconstructions, Re-creations, Reconsidered 1958  Peter Frank 1988
Visual Politics Geno Rodriguez 1982
Alternative Art New York 1965-1985 The Drawing Center / University of Minnesota Press 2002
Get the Message? A Decade of Art for Social Change [Lucy Lippard] E.P. Dutton 1984
New Art Rizzoli 1991