The Drawing Center / University of Minnesota Press, 2002

Editors: Julie Ault

Catherine de Zegher Preface
Julie Ault For the Record
Julie Ault A Chronology of Selected Alternative Structures, Spaces, Artists' Groups, and Organizations in New York City 1965-1985
Lucy R. Lippard Biting the Hand: Artists and Museums in New York since 1969
Julie Carson On Discourse as Monument: Institutional Spaces and Feminist Problematics
Brian Wallis Public Funding and Alternative Spaces
Arlene Golgbard When (Art) Worlds Collide: Institutionalizing the Alternatives
David Deitcher Polarity Rules: Looking at Whitney Annuals and Biennials,, 1968-2000
Martin Beck Alternative: Space
Miwon Kwon Sitings of Public Art: Integration versus Intervention
Alan Moore with Jim Cornwell Local History: The Art of Battle for Bohemia in New York

Partial List:

ABC No Rio
Ad Hoc Women Artists' Committee
Ahearn, Charlie
Ahearn, John
A.I.R. Gallery
Alternative Museum
Andre, Carl
Art & Ideology [exhibition]
Art in General
Art in Public Places Program
Artist and Homeless Collaborative
Artists' and Writers' Protest Against the War in Vietnam
Artists Call Against U.S. Intervention in Central America 
Artists of Conscience: Sixteen Years of Social and Political Commentary [exhibition] 
Artists Meeting for Cultural Change 
Artist's Reserved Rights Transfer and Sale Agreement [Seth Siegelaub]
Artists Space 
Art of Memory: The Loss of History
Art Program for the Homeless
Art Workers Coalition
Asher, Michael
Ashford, Doug
Attie, Dotty
Barry, Judith 
Basement Workshop
Benglis, Lynda
Black Emergency Cultural Coalition
Bochner, Mel 
Bullet Space 
Burton, Scott
Chicago, Judy
Civilian Warfare
Clocktower Gallery
Cockcroft, Eva
Committed to Print
Cortez, Diego
Creative Time
Damaged Goods [exhibition]
Dia Art Foundation
Difference: On Representation and Sexuality [exhibition]
Disinformation: The Manufacture of Consent [exhibition]
Drawing Center
East Village
Edelson, Mary Beth
El Museo del Barrio
Epoxy Art Group
Exit Art
Fashion Moda
Fekner, John
Ferrer, Rafael
55 Mercer
Finley, Karen
5000 Artists Return to Artists Space
Four Walls
Fox, The
Franklin Furnace
Fraser, Andrea
Fun Gallery
GAAG - Guerrilla Art Action Group
Girouard, Tina
Glier, Mike 
Goldstein, Jack
Golub, Leon
Gomez-Pena, Guillermo
Gonzalez-Torres, Felix
Gracie Mansion
Group Material
Guerrilla Girls
Guggenheim Museum 
Haacke, Hans
Hammond, Harmony
Hammons, David
Hanhardt, John
Harris, Suzanne
Heiss, Alanna
Hendricks, Jon
Heresies Magazine
Hesse, Eva 
Hightower, John
Holzer, Jenny 
Information [exhibition]
INTAR Latin American Gallery
Ireland, Patrick 
Johnson, Poppy
Judd, Donald
Kardon, Janet
Kelly, Mary
Kids of Survival - K.O.S.
The Kitchen
Koons, Jeff 
Kosuth, Joseph
Kruger, Barbara
Lacy, Suzanne
Lawler, Louise
Le Va, Barry
Levine, Sherrie
Lew, Jeffrey
LeWitt, Sol
Linker, Kate
Licht, Jennifer
Lippard, Lucy
Linker, Kate: Representation and Sexuality 
Lower Esat Side
Mapplethorp, Robert
Matta-Clark, Gordon
Miller, Brenda
Millet, Kate
Miss, Mary
Mitchel, Juliet
Moore, Alan
Morris, Robert
Museum of Contemporary Hispanic Art
Museum of Modern Art
The New Museum
Nonas, Richard
Olander, William
Oldenburg, Claes
112 Workshop / 112 Green Street
Oppenheim, Dennis
Osorio, Pepon
Otterness, Tom
PADD - Political Art Documentation / Distribution
Petlin, Irving
Phillips, Lisa
Pindell, Howardena
Piper, Adrian
Printed Matter
P.S. 1 
Real Estate Show [Colab] 
Reinhardt, Ad
Ringgold, Faith 
Rodriguez, Geno
Rollins, Tim
Rosler, Martha
Rupp, Christy 
Saar, Betye
Saret, Alan
Serra, Richard
Serrano, Andres
Sherman, Cindy
Siegelaub, Seth
Simpson, Lorna
Smith, Kiki
SoHo 20
Spero, Nancy
Storefront for Art and Architecture
Studio Museum in Harlem
Tacha, Athena
Tobocman, Seth
Toche, Jean
Tompkins Square Park 
Tucker, Marcia
Tuttle, Richard
Twenty Six Contemporary Women Artists
Ukeles, Mierle Laderman
Van Dalen, Anton
Wallis, Brian
Warhol, Andy
White Columns 
Whitney Museum / Biennials
Williams, Pat Ward
Williams, Sue
Wilson, Fred 
Wodiczko, Krzysztof
Wojnarowicz, David
Women Artists in Revolution (WAR)
Women's Action Coalition (WAC) 
Women's Art Registry
Wong, Martin
World War III Illustrated
Zucker, Barbara