Contemporary Art Museum, Houston, Texas, 1978

Curator: Paul Schimmel

Acconci, Vito  
Adams, Mac  
Allen, Terry   
Anderson, Laurie  
Antin, Eleanor   
Askevold, David  
Attie, Doty  
Baldessari, John  
Beckley, Bill  
Benglis, Lynda  
Clark, Ronald  
Connell, Brian  
Cumming, Robert  
Fisher, Vernon  
Hershman, Lynn  
Huebler, Douglas  
Hutchinson, Peter  
Johnson, Don  
Kaye, Stanton  
Krims, Les  
Lacy, Suzanne  
Leavitt, William  
Lederman, Stephanie Brody  
Levine, Les   
McGowin, Ed  
Michals, Duane  
Mims, Jack  
Oppenheim, Dennis  
Portis, Michael  
Rainer, Yvonne  
Roche, Jim  
Rosler, Martha   
Ruppersberg, Allen  
Ruscha, Edward  
Segalove, Ilene  
Smith, Alexis  
Steele, Lisa  
Tepper, Irvin  
Traube, Alex  
Wegman, William  
Welch, Roger  
Wiley, William T.  
With a 33 1/3 record, including:   
Allen, Terry  "The Collector/Art Mob" and "Writing on Rocks Across the Sea"
Anderson, Laurie Tape Bow Song for Juanita
Antin, Eleanor Kings Meditations I / VII / IX /
Ed McGowin Dad Knew About Wine
Oppenheim, Dennis Theme from a Major Hit ("It ain't what you make it's what makes you do it."
Jim Roche  Cadillac Piece