New York, New York

Director - Steven Rand

Founded in 1994 by Steven Rand, Apext Art Curatorial Program "provides an environment for art and ideas to be presented and considered without the distractions of commercial considerstions." "In our curator-driven exhibition program we give our curators complete creative freedom to organize their show... As part of our commitmrnt to intelectual diversity, Apex invites artists, writers, scholars, historians and critics to create our exhibitions"

For additional information on the curatorial programs at Apex Art please visit their web page at apexart.org.

Exhibition Curator(s) Artists  Year
An Interest in Life John Baldessari and Meg Cranston  Brienne Arrington / Erin Cosgrove / Micol Hebron / Jen Liu / Jennifer Nelson / D'Ette Nogel  2003 
Art That Heals  Jean-Hubert Martin Joe Ben / Cai Guo-Qiang / Gedewon / Gera / Daniel Spoerri 2002
[The Fortuitous Consequences of an Unexpected Act...] 'Cancelled' Chris Long / Donald Judd / Dorothy Krasowska / David Robbins / Ingrid Schaffner / Carolee Thea 1999
"Define Context"  Jose Roca  Jesus Abad Colorado / Antonio Caro / Juan Fernando Herran / Delcy Morelos / Jose Alejandro Restrepo / Miguel Angel Rojas [review in: Art Nexus #38 November - January, 2001] 2000
Demonstration Room: Ideal House: Apext Art: 2001 [review in Art Nexus #41, 2001] Jesus Fuenmayor and Julieta Gonzalez "...an exhibitionabout the different 'jobs' of the word 'architecture,' which is also one of the reasons why we invited a group of artists to reflect upon the 'domestic sublime,' each one in his or her own particular way, through the exeresise of 'designing' a house." Including: Francis Alys / Stan Douglas / Alicia Framis / Carlos Garaicoa / Dan Graham / Gabriel Kuri / Javier Tellez / Meyer Vaisman 2001 
double space a.s. bessa l.a. angelmaker / devon dikeou / kenneth goldsmith / jorge pardo / alain resnais / alian robbe-grillet / fred sandback / carolee schneemann / llily van der stokker  2000
"Harriet Craig" David Rimanelli Alex Bag / John Boskovich / Chivas Clem / Martha Rosler / Christopher Wool 1998
Looking Awry What How & for Whom WHW [a Zagreb-based independent curatorial team]  Maja Bajevic / Igor Grubic / Aydan Martezaoglu / Adrian Paci 2003
Lost and Found Rene Block Ludwig van Beethoven / George Brecht / Stanley Brouwn / Marcel Broodthaers / Henning Christiansen / Maria Eichorn / Romuald Hazoume / Gulsun Karamustafa / Allison Knowles / Kim Sooja / Serge Spitzer 2001 
Not For Sale: Feminism and Art in the USA during the 1970s Laura Cottingham A Video Essay by Laura Cottingham which features over 100 artists, music by Yoko Ono - among the artists included: Eleanor Antin, Suzanne Lacy, Miriam Schapiro, Mimi Smith, Hannah Wilke ++ 1998 
Place for the Self  Amnon Barzel  Acconci Studio / Krzysztof Bednarski / Barbara Bloom / Zvi Hecker / Vittorio Messina / Anila Rubiku / Micha Ullman  2004 
Remembering Time Past Irena Popiashvili Sonia Balassanian / Nora Fisch / Leandro Katz / Ilya Kabakov / Oliver Nikolich / Michael Schwab / Ana Tiscornia / Guram Tsibakh 1998
Sans (an exhibition)  Numerous  During the months of November and December, 2002 the gallery space was used for daily presentations on a range of issues and topics, including: Moukhtar Kocache, Lucien Samaha and Walid Raad presented the Arab Image Foundation archive on November 22nd / On December 7th Dean Daderko orchestrated a day of interactive and experimental works by Sharon Hayes, Nancy Hwang, Karin Campbell, Lygia Clark, and Judi Werthein 2002 
The Future of the Reciprocal Readymade (The use-value of art) Stephen Wright Artists Collectives: AAA.Corp (Saint Etienne) / The Atlas Group (Beirut) / Bureau d'etudes (Paris) / Critical Art Ensemble (New York) / Groupo de Arte Callejero (Buenos Aires) / xurban (Istanbul) / The Yes Men (Paris) 2004
The Last Generation  Max Henry Kota Ezawa / Malachi Farrell / Wayne Gonzales / Emilie Halpern / Jan Mancuska / Laurent Montaron / Scott Myles / Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven 2006
The Passions of the Good Citizen  Heather Felty  Michael Bevilacqua / Claude Closky / Jenny Holzer / Kristin Lucas / Ester Partegas / Juergen Teller / Carey Young  2002
Undesire Vasif Kortun Fikret / Phil Collins / Inci Eviner / Dan Perjovschi  2003
Walking in the City [this exhibition went on to Kunsthalle Fridericianum, Kassel] Melissa Bookhart Beyer and Jill Dawsey Valie Export / Yayoi Kusama / Adrian Piper / David Wojnarowicz / Simon Leung / Kim Sooja / Valerie Tevere / Alex Villar 2003