Duke University Press, 1998

Editor: Grant H. Kester

Partial List

Grant H. Kestler Ongoing Negotiations: Adterimage and the Analysis of Activist Art
Richard Bolton Enlightened Self-Interest: The Avant-Garde in the '80s
Coco Fusco Fantasies of Oppositionality
Charles A. Wright Jr. The Mythology of Difference: Vulgar Identity Politics at the Whitney
Martha Rosler Theses on Defunding
Grant H. Kester Rhetorical Questions: The Alternative Arts Sector and the Imaginary Public
Michael Renov Early Newsreel: The Construction of a Political Imaginary for the Left
Maurice Berger Interview with Adrian Piper
Lorraine O'Grady Olympia's Maid: Reclaiming Black Female Subjectivity
Partial List  
Alliance for Cultural Democracy  
Alvarez, Santiago  
Art Workers Coalition  
Avelos, David  
Borden, Lizzie  
Brooklyn Academy of Music  
Burden, Chris  
Chicago, Judy  
Crimp, Douglas  

Dia Art Foundation

Disarming Images....  
Finley, Karen  
Franklin Furnace Archives  
Fury, Gran  
Gomez Pena, Guillermo  
Group Material  
Guerrilla Art Action Group [GAAG]  
Guerrilla Girls  
Haacke, Hans  
Hammons, David  
Haring, Keith  
Julien, Issac  
The Kitchen  
Kruger, Barbara  
Lacy, Suzanne  
Levine, Sherrie  
Lippard, Lucy  
Mapplethorpe, Robert  
Martinez, Daniel  
Mary Boone Gallery  
Mekas, Jonas  
Muntades, Antonio  
O'Grady, Lorraine  
Paper Tiger Television  
Piper, Adrian  
Proctor, Judy  
Rainer, Yvonne  
Rollins, Tom & K.O.S.  
Rosler, Martha  
Schnabel, Julien  
Sekula, Alan  
Serrano, Andres  
Sherman, Cindy  
Sholette, Gregory   
Sisco, Elizabeth
Spivak, Gayatri  
Torres, Francesca  
Trinh T, Minh-ha  
Wallace, Michelle  
Warhol, Andy  
Washington Project for the Arts [WPA]