June, 1966 "Entropy and the New Momuments" by Robert Smithson (includes: Dan Flavin, Peter Hutchinson, Will Insley, Sol LeWitt, Robert Morris, and Robert Smithson)
January, 1968 "Oldenburg's Monuments" by Dan Graham / Robert Mangold at Fischbach
March, 1968 "... on an American artist's education..." by Dan Flavin / Some New Los Angeles Artists including Barry Le Va / Richard Tuttle at Petty Parsons / Brice Marden at Bykert Gallery / ad for Robert Smithson at Dwan Gallery
April, 1968 "Anti Form" by Robert Morris / Sol LeWitt at Dwan / Bruce Nauman at Castelli / Walter De Maria and Richard Serra at Noah Goldowsky /
Summer, 1968 The Shape of the Art Environment "How anti form is "Anti Form"? by Allan Kaprow - a response to Robert Morris' article of April, 1968] (including: Robert Morris, and Claes Oldenburg) / A Note on Golub by Robert Pincus-Witten / Robert Morris at Castelli
September, 1968 Plus: Keith Sonnier at Goldowsky
October, 1968 Second advertisement for Earth Works exhibition 
November, 1968  Stephen Kaltenbach: "Art Works" / Barry Le Va: Distributional Sculpture / Advertisment for Douglas Huebler November 1968 exhibition (ad was one documentation for exhibition) by Seth Siegelaub / Advertisement for Dan Flavin at Dwan
December, 1968  Stephen Kaltenbach: "Jonny Appleseed" / Earthworks and the New Picturesque (including: Carl Andre, Walter de Maria, Michael Heizer, Sol LeWitt, Robert Morris, Dennis Oppenheim, and Robert Smithson) / Los Angeles (including: John Baldessari, and Joseph Kosuth)
January, 1969  Stephen Kaltenbach: "Existence" / Two Contributions of the Art and Science Muddle [includes Hans Haacke] / Problems of Criticism, V: The Politics of Art Part II by Barbara Rose [including: Robert Huot, Donald Judd, and Edward Ruscha] / Dan Flavin at Dwan / Alan Serat at Bykert / Eva Hesse at Fischbach / Claes Oldenburg at Richard Feigen, Chicago / Advertisement for Seth Siegelaub's "January, 1969" exhibition / Advertisement for Dennis Oppenheim at John Gibson (with image - "Snow Projects") / Advertisement for Donald Judd at Castelli / Advertisement for Fred Sandback at Dwan / Advertisement for Bill Bollinger at Bykert / Advertisement for Bruce Nauman at Nicholas Wilder, L.A. /
April, 1969 Stephen Kaltenbach: "Perpetuate a hoax" / Notes on Sculpture Part 4: Beyond Objects by Robert Morris (including: Carl Andre, Bill Bollinger, Rafael Ferrer, Robert Morris, Richard Serra, Robert Smithson, and Barry Le Va) / Bill Bollinger at Bykert / Robert Smithson at Dwan / Donnald Judd at Castelli
May, 1969 Stephen Kaltenbach: "Build a reputation" / Computer Sculpture: Six Levels of Cybernetics (including Pulsa) / Problems of Criticism /IV The Politics of Art Part III by Barbara Rose (including installation views of Dwan Gallery October, 1966 and John Gibson October, 1968) / Robert Mangold at Fischbach / Advertisement -periodic chart - for Carl Andre at Dwan
September, 1969 Plus: Lynda Benglis at Bykert / Douglas Huebler at Eugenia Butler, L.A. / Claes Oldenburg at Richard Feigen, Chicago / Advertisement for Les Levine at Fischbach / Advertisement for Prospect 69 Dusseldorf /  
December, 1969  
June, 1970 Fining it Down: Don Judd at Castelli by Robert Pincus-Witten / An Interview with Carl Andre by Phyllis Tuchman / Three Notes on an Exhibition as a Work (Robert Morris) by Annette Michelson / ad for Language IV at Dwan / Gordon Matta-Clark in group show at Bykert ad
June, 1971  Hans Haacke's Cancelled Show at the Guggenheim by Jack Burnham /An Interview with Don Judd  / Carl Andre at Dwan / Larry Bell at Pace
June, 1972 Exhibitions and artists rights (Documenta 5) statement / ad placed by Carl Andre / Hans Haacke / Donald Judd / Sol LeWitt / Barry Le Va / Robert Morris / Dorothea Rockburne / Fred Sandback / Richard Serra / Robert Smithson / Feminism in the Arts: An Interim Bibliography / Three Modes of Conceptual Art by Lizzie Borden, including Art & Language, Richard Long, and Klaus Rinke / Ryman, Marden, Manzoni: Theory, Sensibility, Meditation by Robert Pincus-Witten
October, 1972  
February, 1973  
October, 1975 Aligned with Nazca by Robert Morris (includes: Vito Acconci, Michael Asher, Alice Aycock, Chris Burden, Bruce Nauman, Mary Miss)
October, 1976  Major article with installation views of "Rooms" at P.S.1, including: Vito Acconci / Carl Andre / Daniel Buren / Patrick Ireland / Joseph Kosuth / Jeffery Lew / Gordon Matta-Clark / Richard Nonas / Eve Sonneman / Michelle Stuart / / "Site Inspection" by Lawrence Alloway, including: Walter De Maria / Michael Heizer / Robert Smithson / A Conspiracy of Bachelors, article on Harald Szeeman's exhibition "The Bachelors' Machines" / Reviews: Agnes Martin at Pace / Robert Morris at Castelli and Sonnabend / Pat Steir at Xavier Fourcade
April, 1977  Sun Tunnels by Nancy Holt / In Pursuit of Acconci / Flavin 'According to His Light' / Troubles with British Art Now (including: Keith Arnatt, Victor Burgin, Gilbert & George, John Hiliard, and David Tremlett) / Laurie Anderson at Holly Soloman / Eleanor Antin at M.L.D'Arc / Rafael Ferrer at Nancy Hoffman / Advertisement for Richard Nonas at P.S.1 
February, 1980 [Artist's Projects Issue] Plus: Joseph Beuys at Ronald Feldman / Alain Kirili at Sonnabend / Jannis Kounellis at Christian Stein, Turin / Martha Rosler at University Art Museum, Berkeley / Dennis Oppenheim at Francoise Lambert, Milan / Alan Saret at Daniel Weinberg / Lawrence Weiner at Samangallery, Genoa
Summer, 1980  Long Walks by Nancy Foote / "Some Place Enormously Movable" - The Collaboration of Arakawa and Madeline H. Gins by Robert Creeley / Susan Harris: The Energy of Time / The Ten Frustrations, or, Waving and Smiling Across the Great Cultural Abyss by Lucy Lippard (on china) / Vito Acconci at The Kitchen / Vito Acconci, Robert Morris and Dennis Oppenheim at Sonnabend / Laurie Anderson at Holy Solomon / Robert Barry at Castelli / Sarah Charlesworth at Tony Shafrazi / Mary Miss at Max Protetch /
January, 1981 Keith Sonnier's Pictograms / Eleanor Antin at Ronald Feldman / John Baldessari at Sonnabend / Jonathan Borofsky at Paula Cooper / Sol LeWitt at John Weber / Mario Merz at Spereone Westwater Fischer / Advertisement (with image) of Richard Nonas at Oil & Steel  
March, 1981 Public Sculpture: The Pursuit of the Pleasurable and Profitable Paradise [included: Alice Aycock / Larry Bell / Dan Flavin / Michael Heizer / Nancy Holt / Robert Morris / Claes Oldenburg / Richard Serra / Exhibition Reviews: Stanley Brouwn at Stedelijk Museum and Art and Project / Fashion Moda at New Museum / Jack Goldstein at Metro Pictures / Ad Reinhardt at Whitney Museum /
October, 1982 George Maciunas: A Finger in Fluxus by Barbara Moore & Fluxus Focus (images of) Charlotte Moorman / Yoko Ono / Nam June Paik / Paikvision (Nam June Paik) / Documenta 7 review, part 2: including, Marina Abramovic / Giovani Anselmo / Art & Language / Lothar Baumgarten / Marcel Broodthaers / James Lee Byars / Fashion Moda / Barry Flanagan / General Idea / Dan Graham / Hans Haacke / Donald Judd / Sol Lewitt / Bruce McLean / Claes Oldenburg / Giulio Paolini / Exhibition Reviews: "'60-80: attitudes / concepts / images" at the Stedelijk / Art Institute of Chicago 74th American Exhibition / Leandro Katz at P.S.1 / Les Levine in the New York Subways / Sigmar Polke at Holly Solomon / Edward Ruscha at Whitney Museum