ARTFORUM, February 1973

Cover: Jasper Johns "The Critic Sees", 1961

Alloway, Lawrence Sam Francis: From Field to  
Boice, Bruce After the Quality Problem  
Champa, Kermit Miro  
Childs, Lucinda A Portfolio  
Heller, Preston and Andrew Menard Kozloff: Criticism in Absentia [plus a reply by Max Kozloff]  
Morris, Robert Some Splashes in the Ebb Tide including images of: Vito Acconci "Seedbed" / Barry Le Va "Velocity Piece #2 plus others
Pincus-Witten, Robert Sol LeWitt: Word - Object  
Smithson, Robert Frederick Law Olmsted and the Dialectical Landscape  
  In Memoriam: Joseph Cornell  
  Reviews by Peter Plagens , Lizzie Borden, April Kingsley  
Giovanni Anselmo at Weber Gallery  
Agnes Denes at A.I.R.  
Dan Flavin at Castelli  
Les Levine at Fischbach Gallery  
Richard Nonas at 112 Green Street  
  Ads for:  
Mel Bochner at Sonnabend  
Jan Dibbets at Castelli  
Sol LeWitt Wall Drawings at John Weber  
Dan Flavin at John Weber