ART IN AMERICA 1960 - 1990

# 2, 1963 The Audience is His Medium! (including: Walter De Maria, Allan Kaprow, Claes Oldenburg)
May-June, 1967 Light Art (including: Dan Flavin, John Latham, and Robert Whitman / Michelangelo Pistoletto at Kornblee / Claes Oldenbrug at Sidney Janis
November-December, 1967  The Dimensions of the Miniarts by Douglas Davis (including: "Primary Structures", John Cage, Donald Judd, Allan Kaprow,) 
January-February, 1968  Art & Technology - The New Combine by Douglas Davis (including Les Levine) /  Art & Technology by Douglas Davis [interview with Gyorgy Kepes] / Art & Technology - Toward Play by Douglas Davis / Dance Without Movement by Peter Hutchinson (including: Carolee Schneemann "Meat Joy" and "Snows")
May-June, 1968  Advertisement for Aspen 5& 6
January-February, 1969 The Emperor's New Bikini by Hilton Kramer (including Carl Andre, Dan Flavin, Robert Morris, Bruce Nauman, Alan Saret, Richard Serra, and Robert Smithson)
March-April, 1969  The Artist Speaks: Claes Oldenburg / Walter de Maria at Dwan Gallery (bed of spikes)
May-June, 1969  
July-August, 1969 Marcel Duchamp1887-1968 
September-October, 1969  TV - The Next Medium (including Allan Kaprow, Les Levine, and Nam June Paik) / Barry Flanagan at Fischbach
November-December, 1969  The Artist Speaks: Les Levine / Will Insley at John Gibson 
March-April, 1970  Art and Technology [Maurice Tuchman] / Art as Act by Douglas Davis (including: Huot, Kaprow, Siegelaub's 'March 1969' / Donald Burgy "Checkup" / Dennis Oppenheim at John Gibson
May-June, 1970  Eleven Sugar Cubes by Dan Graham / The Artist Speaks: Robert Morris (interview)
July August, 1970  Back cover advertisement for Max Hutchinson Gallery (including Helene Aylon
November-December, 1970  New Developments in Buenos Aires (includes CAYC and Lippards exhibition 2,972,453 / 3,549,000 in article) / Helene Aylon at Max Hutchinson / Claes Oldenburg at Sidney Janis / Robert Mangold at Fischbach / Robert Rauschenberg print insert
March-April, 1971  Brian O'Doherty (Patrick Ireland), "A new conservatism in the seventies?" / The Supreme Court and the Flag / The alchemist and the phenomenologist (Gordon Matta-Clark and Alan Sonfist) / "Give my regards to Eighth Street" (Robert Rauschenberg and John Cage) / "Grotowski and Schechner: The servitudes of freedom" / David Tremlett at Nigel Greenwood, London
September-October, 1971  Post-Judson dance by Deborah Jowitt (including: Merce Cunningham / Meredith Monk / Yvonne Rainer) / Sexual Politics and Art by Lucy Lippard / Earthscapes, Landworks and Oz by Dave Hickey (including: Walter de Maria, Michael Heizer, and Robert Smithson) / Lynda Benglis at Paula Cooper / Ira Joel Haber at Fischbach
November-December, 1971  The Prize: An Exchange of Letters between Ajay and Reinhardt / The Politicalization of the Avant-Garde (including: Rudolf Baranik Judy Chicago / Mark di Suvero / Leon Golub / Documenta 4 / 1968 Venice Biennale / The California Peace Tower / Allan Kaprow / Protests: Vietnam [including New York Times Letter and Rauschenberg print] - Museum of Modern Art Dada exhibition
March-April, 1972 Art and Technology in a Social Vacuum (including Robert Whitman) / The Politicalization of the Avant-Garde, II (includes: Art Workers Coalition, and Claes Oldenburg)
May-June, 1972  The Valley Curtain by Jan Van Der Marck (Christo) / The View from the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago (including: Art by Telephone, Terry Allen, Christo, Rafael Ferrer, Dan Flavin) / Flagged Down: The Judson Three and Friends / Lee Friedlander: Self Portrait / Richard Tuttle at Betty Parsons
January-February, 1973  An Authentik and Historikal Discourse on the Phenomenon of Mail Art (including Eleanor Antin, and Robert Cumming) / The Valley Curtain is Up! but... by Jan van der Marck (Christo) / Pat Steir: "The thing itself, made by me" by Marcia Tucker / The Women's Conference at the Corcoran (including: Agnes Denes, Mary Beth Edelson, and Lucy Lippard) / Joseph Kosuth at Castelli
March-April, 1973 "Scenarios / Documents / Images I" (John Baldessari and William Leavitt) / The Politicalization of the Avant-Garde, III (Art Workers Coalition) / Eva Hesse at the Guggenheim / Richard Nonas at 112 Green Street
May-June, 1973  "Scenarios / Documents / Images II" (Allen Ruppersberg and William Wegman) / Piero Manzoni: An Exemplary Life by Jan van der Marck / Carl Andre at the Portland Center for the Visual Arts / Jan Dibbets at Castelli / Sol LeWitt at John Weber / Brice Marden at Bykert / Dennis Oppenheim at Sonnabend / Dorothea Rockburne at Bykert
January-February, 1974 Mel Bochner at Sonnabend / Newton Harrison "Three Projects: Harrison, Mock, McGowin"/ Allan Kaprow "The Education of the Un-Artist III" / The Politicalization of the Avant-Garde IV (Art Workers Coalition) /  
March-April, 1974  Laurie Anderson at Artists Space / Patrick Ireland at Betty Parsons / Malevich: Independent From, Color, Surface by Donald Judd / Mary Miss: An Extremely Clear Situation [Lucy Lippard] 
May-June, 1974  Sculpture as Experience: The Monument that Suffered [Claes Oldenburg] by David Shapiro / Bill Bollinger at O.K. Harris / Robert Mangold at John Weber / Brice Marden at Bykert / Keith Sonnier at Castelli / Michelle Stuart at Max Hutchinson / Hannah Wilke at Ronald Feldman 
July-August, 1974  Carl Andre at John Weber / Allan Kaprow "Easy" / Richard Long at John Weber / Roman Opalka at John Weber / Robert Whitman at Bykert
September-October, 1974 A Way of Thinking Out Loud: The Drawings of Robert Smithson / Lynda Benglis at Paula Cooper / Rafeal Ferrer at MoMA + The Great Divide: 'Anarchitecture' by Matta-Clark /  
November-December, 1974 Abandoned Chickens by Ray Johnson / Beuys: Art Encage / Michael Heizer Paints a Picture by Hayden Herrera /  The Avant Garde Festival: And Now, Shea Stadium (includes: Les Levine, Allan Kaprow, Claes Oldenburg, Yoko Ono, Nam June Paik, and Robert Whitman) / Walter De Maria at Hessisches Landesmuseum
January-February, 1975  The Post-Perceptual Portrait (including: Eleanor Antin, John Baldessari, and Douglas Huebler) / Richard Serra at the School of Visual Arts and Castelli / Richard Nonas at 383 West Broadway 
March-April, 1975  Art and Politics: '74 Venice Biennale, Lost & Found (?) / Agnes Denes: The Visual Presentation of Meaning / Jackie Ferrara at Sachs / Robert Irwin at Pace / Les Levine at Stefanotty / Robert Ryman at Weber / Pat Steir at ICA, Boston / Lawrence Weiner at Castelli 
May-June, 1975  Golub's Assassins: An Anatomy of Violence / The Broodthaers Museum Gambit / The 'New' Whitney Biennial: Pattern Emerging? / Agnes Martin at Pace / Unit, Series, Site: A Judd Lexicon by William C. Agee /  Vostell and the Vengeful Environment
September-October, 1975 The Use of the Portrait: The Che Poster by David Kunzle / Sol LeWitt: The Look of Thought by Donald Kuspit / Robert Cumming at Gibson / Nam June Paik at Rene Block / Barry Le Va at Weinberg
January-February, 1976  August Sandler and the Cologne Progressives / Artworks on the Land (includong: Walter De Maria, Michael Heizer, Robert Smithson) / Jan Dibbets at Castelli / Gilbert & George at Sperone Westwater Fischer / Alan Sonfist at Ariadne / Ben Vautier at John Gibson
January-February, 1977  The Artist's Book Goes Public by Lucy Lippard (Printed Matter) / Multiple View - Multiples by many artists) / Richard Nonas: Field Works by Jan van der Marck /
March-April, 1977  The American Artist from Loner to Lobbyist (including: Mac Adams, Robert Barry, Douglas Huebler, Les Levine, Gordon Matta-Clark) / Donald Judd advertisement at Heiner Friedrich at 141 Wooster / Bruce Nauman at Castelli and Sonnabend / Dorothea Rockburne at John Weber / review of "Sculpture Sited" at the Nassau County Museum (including: Alice Aycock, and Harriet Feigenbaum)
July-August, 1977 Art & Politics '77 [including anti-Catalogue, The Fox, Heresies / Other Voices, Other Rooms: The Rise of the Alternative Space [including P.S.1, 112 Workshop, The Kitchen, Franklin Furnace, and Artists Space] / Manhattan Seven [including Hans Haacke / Alan Sonfist, Robert Irwin, Gordon Matta-Clark ] / A Critic's Diary: The New York Art Year by David Bourdon (including: Laurie Anderson, Donald Judd, Joseph Kosuth, Sol LeWitt, plus many others, also comments on the picket of the Rockefeller collection at the Whitney, including: Mary Beth Edelson, Nancy Spero, Lucy Lippard, and Joseph Kosuth)
) / Alice Aycock at 112 Green
May-June, 1978  DeMaria: Elements (including Earth Room, New York City) [Roberta Smith] / Down and Out with Gilbert and George [Carter Ratcliff] / Sol LeWitt: Energy as Form / LeWitt Goes to School /
January-February, 1979  Complexes: Architectural Sculpture in Nature by Lucy Lippard (including: Alice Aycock, Harriet Feigenbaum, and Nancy Holt, Alan Saret) / Rosmarie Castoro: Gesture as Object by Carter Ratcliff / Lynda Benglis at Paula Cooper / Ira Joel Haber at Pam Adler / Christo at Loose Park 
September, 1979  Robert Ryman: Another View / Jon Borofsky at Paula Cooper / Alexis Smith at Holly Solomon / William Wegman at Holly Solomon
October, 1979  Public Sculpture for the Post-Heroic Age by Lawrence Alloway (including: Rosemarie Castoro and Barry Le Va) / Announcement of De Maria's Broken Kilometer at 393 West Broadway / Robert Morris: Prisioner of Modernism by Carter Ratcliff / Between Signs (including: Robert Barry and Lawrence Weiner) / Vito Acconci at Sonnabend
January, 1980  Art in Cuba Today: An Interview with Felix Beltran / Announcement for opening of De Maria's Earth Room at 141 Wooster Street  / The Complete Smithson by Carter Ratcliff (Smithson's writings) / Victor Burgin at John Weber / Dan Flavin at Castelli / Ulrich Ruckriem at Sperone Westwater Fischer
October, 1980  Vito Acconci: The Body Impolitic / Double Takes (including: Robert Longo, David Salle)
March, 1981  Amplifications: Laurie Anderson by Craig Owens / Report from New York: The French Occupation - "Une Idee en l'air" (including: Daniel Buren, Sophie Calle , Fashion Moda) / Richard Long at Sperone Westwater Fischer / Robert Longo at Metro Pictures / Richard Nonas at Oil & Steel / Francesc Torres at Elise Meyer
May, 1981  The Writing on the Wall - Judy Baca's "Great wall of Los Angeles / James Turrell: The Art of Deception / Flicks and Tapes (includes: Nam June Paik, and Bill Viola) / Telling Stories [John Baldessari] by Craig Owens /  Ida Applebroog at Feldman / Troy Brauntuch at Metro Pictures
March, 1982 Shermanettes [Cindy Sherman] by Peter Schjeldahl / Multiple Returns [Donald Judd] by Roberta Smith / Critical Spaces [including Barbara Kruger] by Hal Foster
April, 1982 Binding / Bonding [Harmony Hammond] by Lucy Lippard / Robert Smithson at the Whitney
May, 1982  Report From Sao Paulo Crossed Signals: The 16 Bienal by John Perreault [including Cildo Meireles, Gilbert & George, Helio Oiticica, and Lygia Clark] / Report from Nicaragua by Eva Cockcroft and David Kunzle / Phantasmagoria of the Media [Dara Birnbaum] by Craig Owens / Life and Times: Gilbert & George / Jackie Ferrara at Max Protetch / Michelle Stuart at Susan Caldwell
January, 1984 Theater of Power [Leon Golub] by Carter Ratcliff / Disarming Metaphors [Chris Burden] / From Existence to Essence: Nancy Spero by David Kuspit / The Medusa Effect or, The Spectular Ruse [Barbara Kruger] by Craig Owens / Donald Judd's Equivocal Objects / Alain Kirili at Bonnier
October, 1984  Art and Politics: Questions on a Politicized Performance Art by Lucy Lippard (including: Jerri Allyn) / Gilbert & George: How English Is It? by Peter Plagens / Bill Beckley at Freidus-Ordover / Leandro Katz at the Center for Inter-American Relations and the Rhode Island School of Design
December, 1984 Report from Havana: The First Biennial of Latin America by Luis Camnitzer / Report from Italy: Count Panza Divests (including: Carl Andre / Dan Flavin / Donald Judd / Joseph Kosuth / Richard Long / Robert Morris / Bruce Nauman / Robert Ryman / Richard Serra
March, 1987  Social Science Fiction [an interview with Richard Prince] / View Points: Patrick Ireland by Carter Ratcliff / Tim Rollins + K.O.S. at Jay Gorney Modern Art 
April, 1987  Walking Into Art [Richard Long] / Dancing with Carmen [Trisha Brown]
February, 1988 Hans Haacke: Memory and Instrumental Reason by Benjamin Buchloh / Industrial Elegies (Jannis Kounellis) / Alain Kirili at Holly Solomon / John Latham at Josh Baer / Edward Ruscha at Robert Miller and Castelli / Obituary for Robert Filliou / Serra's Tilted Arc Update (also comment on public work by Alan Sonfist)
January, 1989  Under Western Eyes (including: Joseph Beuys, Rebecca Horn, Bruce Nauman, Richard Prince, Lorna Simpson, and Bill Viola) / Sao Paulo Diary (including: Cildo Meireles, and Tunga) / Courting the Carnivalesque (including: Lygia Clark, and Helio Oiticica) / Helio Oiticica: Reverie and Revolt by Guy Brett / Material World [Group Material] / Group Material at Dia (Wooster Street)
May, 1989  Richard Serra "Tilted Arc Destroyed" / The Whole Earth Show [Magiciens de la Terre]: an interview with Jean-Hubert Martin by Benjamin Buchloh / Franz Erhard Walther at John Weber
July, 1989  [The Global Issue] / The Whole Earth Show part 2 by Eleanor Heartney ["Magicines de la Terre"] (including: Alfrodo Jaar, and Richard Long) / The Peripatetic Artist: 14 Statements (including: Alfredo Jaar, Alain Kirili, Lawrence Weiner) / A Global Issue: A Symposium with James Clifford, Boris Groys, Craig Owens, Martha Rosler, Robert Storr and Michele Wallace
September, 1990 Are Art Museums Racist? by Maurice Berger / Speaking Out: Some Distance to Go... [interviews including David Hammons and Pat Ward Williams] / The Power of the Portraitist [Peter Hujar] by David Joselit / Being and Politics [Adrian Piper - Alternative Museum exhibition] by Ken Johnson / The Expanded Readymade (Sydney Biennale) by Eleanor Heartney [including: Dennis Adams / Alfredo Jaar / Allan Kaprow ] / Mary Beth Edelson at Dolan Maxwell / Alain Kirili at Holly Solomon / / Obituary for Craig Owens 1950-1990 / add for The Last Decade at Shafrazi
July, 1991 "Metropolis": Crossroads or Cul-deSac? / Moral Rights: First Stage of False Start? by Martha Buskirk (including: Hans Haacke, and Richard Serra) / Four Difficult Pieces (Robert Rauschenberg) / Keeping Abreast (Vito Acconci) / Larry Bell at Shafrazi / Fred Wilson at Gracie Mansion
October, 1991 Within and Against: Susan Hiller's Nonobjective Reality / From the Communal Kitchen: A conversation with Ilya Kabakov / The Heart of Darkness: Film and Video at the Whitney Biennial (including: Group Material, Gary Hill, Meredith Monk, and Bruce Nauman) / Terry Allen / Louise Lawler / Jana Sterbak / Rosemarie Trockel / Hamish Fulton at Serpentine Gallery, London / Brice Marden at Matthew Marks / Gilberto Zorio at SteinGladstone /
October, 1993 Meg Webster (art to eat) / Fred Wilson (Miining the Museum) / Sonsbeek '93 / Jonathan Borofsky at Paula Cooper / Mary Beth Edelson at A/C Project Room / Jane Hammond at Jose Freire / Dennis Oppenheim at BlumHelman
January, 1996 Setting Traps for the Mind and Heart [Felix Gonzalez-Torres] by Robert Storr / Susan Hiller at Gimpel Fils, London
ISSUES FROM 2000 -[being developed]