New York, New York, 1981

Art in General is located at 79 Walker Street in the Lower East Side of New York [below Canal Street] in a building owned by the General Tools Manufacturing Company. A group of artists headed by Martin Weinstein approached the owners in 1981 requesting the use of one of the vacant floors in the building for an exhibition, and received the ok to use the space for a continuing program for exhibitions. In 1988, after attaining adequate grants and contributions, the first director was hired, Holly Block. Art in General's primary focus is to support the individual artist through individual exhibitions and providing studio space for artists in residence programs. In addition they support curated exhibitions. A number of the individual artists who have exhibitied and worked in this space are from Latin America - and has been one of the few space in the U.S. to include and promote Cuban artists.

In addition to the gallery and studio spaces Art in General also present exhibitions in the ground floor window and sound pieces in the elevator.

Carlos Garaicoa: Cuando el Deseo se Parece a Nada (When Desire Resembles Nothing) 1996
Cecilia Vicuna: cloud-net (brochure) 1999
Domestic Partnerships: New Impulses in Decorative Arts in the Americas [including David Avalos, Los Carpinteros, Maria Elena Gonzalez, Nadin Ospina and Esterio Segura Mora] Yasmin Ramirez 1996
1990s Art from Cuba (includes interview with Barroso and Bruguera) [A National Residency and Exhibition Program] Holly Block 1997
Re-drawing the line [review in Art Nexus Vol.39, 2001] Monica Amor 2000 
Art Cuba: The New Generation [Holly Block, director of Art in General], Harry N. Abrams 2001
Aimee Garcia: Embracing the Earth (brochure / press release and bio) 1998
Flavia Gandolfo   2001
ART IN GENERAL NEWSLETTER/BROCHURE [four-fold brochures]    
Winter - Spring 1999 [includes: "Spaceship Earth" and "Art Space Available by Lisa Levy"]   1999
Spring - Summer 1999 [includes: "Cloud-Net" and "magnetic map"]   1999
Winter 2000 - 2001    2000-1
Art in General on Canal [three-fold brochure of projects on Canal Street with map of walking tour - artists included: Gustavo Artigas / Nostalgia / Leo Villareal]  Elissa S. Levy and Andrea Salerno 2002-3
Artists' Studio Benefit Tour 1999 [6-fold long horizontal brochure listing artist and locations]   1999 
Art Space Available by Lisa Levy: Be part of the first art show created by the public for the public   Lisa Levy 1999
Lenore Malen: Magnetic Map [announcement card and small brochure]   1999 
Open Call for Submissions [8 1/2 x 11 two sided form for artists/guest curators submitting work for cosideration for these catagories - individual artist / site-specific installations / single channel video / audio projects / window installations / performance / exhibition proposals    
The Arterial Group: Art in the Public Intrest [a two-fold brochure with text and images  about this group from Australia - brochure handed out at Art in General]   2002
Aimee Garcia: Embracing the Earth / Abrazando La Tierra [artist in residence]   1998
Art in General Launches 20th Anniversary....    2001
Art in General on Canal Elissa S. Levy and Andrea Salerno 2002-3
Artists from New York and Thailand Explore What Lies With(in) Naomi Urabe 2002
Cloud-Net / Cecilia Vicuna    1999
Flavia Gandolfo   2001
Seeing the Social World with Humor, Irony, and Absurdity in an Exhibition Downtown: Spaceship Earth [included: Anton Vidokle] Mary Ellen Carroll, Allen Frame, Omar Lopez-Chahoud 1999
The Future Is, a panel discussion in conjunction with the group exhibition Spaceship Earth