(Additional Artists Books are listed with individual artists)

Acker, Kathy Implosion
Allen, Roberta from Partial Portrait
Asher, Dan  Nature dispossessed dispossessed by nature
Bamgboye, Oladele Ajiboye Before and Beyond
Becker, Nan Sterilization/Elimination
Brogger, Stig 21. Marts 1969 / March 21 1969 
Close, Chuck Keith: Six Drawings 1979
de Jong, Constance The Lucy Amarillo Stories
Forcadell, Gabriela Forged Dedication (images)
Friedl, Peter  On Genre and Power / Uber Genre und Macht 
Gastini, Marco Parete
Geller, Matthew Difficult Swallowing: A medical chronicle
Geller, Matthew Hidden Away in a Musty Chamber
Godard, Keith and Emmett Williams  Holdup
Hill, Candace Evening Tomorrow's Here Today
Hornor, Dave Attache
Honor, Dave  Dave Hornor: Early Photographs, Recent Books, Chess Sets and Concrete Poems [exhibition catalogue / artist's book]
Hornor, Dave Enemies 
Hornor, Dave Guilt and Salvation
Hornor, Dave SRO / IPO [Single Room Occupancy / Initial Public Offering]
Humphrey, Ralph Studies
Indiana, Gary Shanghai
Kramer, Margia  Andy Warhol et al. / The FBI File on Andy Warhol 
Kramer, Margia  Essential Documents: The F.B.I. File on Jean Seberg Part II
Levy, Judy A Book Disguised as a Game (SIGNED and #ed)
Levy, Judy Lary N's Dilemma
Levy, Judy Shadow Traffic
Mangold, Silvia Plimack Inches and Filed
Mariani, Phil The difference between appearance and reality
McKee, Andrew Reverse Angle
Michaels, Rebecca The Book of Hair: A Selection of Hair Iconography and Habits
Milazzo, Richard Semblance and Meditation
Miller, Larry As If The Universe Were An Object
Norvell, Patricia Recording Conceptual Art
Pardo, Jorge Pardo House
Rosenquist, James Drawings While Waiting for an Idea
Soler, Jose You Just Open The Book
Stairs, David Asperity
Stokes, Telfer & Helen Douglas  Chinese Whispers 
Stokes, Telfer & Helen Douglas  Over 
Stokes, Telfer & Helen Douglas  Real Fictions 
Stokes, Telfer & Helen Douglas  Stells 
Thorne, David Domino Theory
Williams, Reese  Figure-Eight
Williams, Reese from A Pair of Eyes
Wurm, Erwin  we watch karin, she watches something else
Zapletalova, Veronika Chatarstvi
Zapletalova, Veronika Rourouni
Higgins, Dick The Ladder to the Moon
Lippard, Lucy  I See / You Mean