Critical Issues in Public Art

A Partial Listing of Articles

Richard Serra's "Tilted Arc": Art and Non-Art Issues Richard Serra
Collaborations: Artists and Architects on Public Sites Nancy Holt, and Mary Miss +
The Need for Public Representation and the Burden of the German Past Dennis Adams, Hans Haacke, and Ulrich Ruckriem +
To Light Up Philadelphia: Lighting, Public Art, and Public Space David Ireland, Mierle Ukeles, and Krzysztof Wodiczko +
Temporality and Public Art [Patricia Phillips] Dennis Adams, Marina Gutierrez, and Alfredo Jaar +
From the Other Side: Public Artists on Public Art Huston Conwill, Joyce Kozloff, Alan Sonfist and Athena Tacha +
What we Have Learned about Modern Public Sculpture: Ten Propositions Carl Andre, Christo, Red Grooms, Richard Serra, Kenneth Snelson