New York University Press, 1999

Editors: Brian Wallis, Marianne Weems, and Philip Yenawine

Most artists referenced below are included in the individual articles by way of photographs of their works but are not necessarily mentioned in the article, other than Robert Mapplethorpe and Andres Serrano who are central to the texts regarding funding by the NEA and censorship.

Philip Yenawine But What Has Changed? including: The Wooster Group / Visual Aids - John Giorno / Judith Barry
Andrea Fraser Artist's Project: Talking to Art Matters  
Julie Ault Artist's Project: "Dear Friend of the Arts"
Lucy R. Lippard Too Political? Forget It including: Guerrilla Girls / Group Material / Franklin Furnace / PAD/D / High Performance / CoLab / Gran Fury / David Wojnarowicz
Coco Fusco Passionate Irreverence: The CulturalPolitics of Identity (1993) including: Fusco / Fred Wilson / Adrian Piper
David Wojnarowicz Postcards from America: X-Rays from Hell Peter Hujar / Robert Mapplethorpe / Andreas Serrano
David Deitcher What Does Silence Equal Now? including: / Gran Fury / ACT UP "Let the Record Show" at The New Museum / Felix Gonzalez-Torres / Donald Moffett / David Wojnarowicz / (WAC) Women's Action Coalition
Douglas Crimp How to Have Promiscuity in an Epidemic (1988) including: Barbara Kruger / John Giorno
Michele Wallace The Culture War Within the Culture Wars: War including: Kara Walker / Daniel Martinez / Betye Saar / David Hammons / Lorna Simpson / Carrie Mae Weems
Kobena Mercer Skin Head Sex Thing: Racial Difference and the Homoerotic Imaginary (1991) including: Glenn Ligon / Robert Mapplethorp / Isaac Julien /
Carole S. Vance The War on Culture (1989) including: Jenny Holzer / Andres Serrano / Robert Mapplethorpe / Karen Finley / Erika Rothenberg
Holly Hughs and Richard Elovich Homophobia at the N.E.A.  
Kathleen M. Sullivan Are Content Restrictions Constitutional?
Lewis Hyde The Children of John Adams: A Historical View of the Debate Over Arts Funding including: Jenny Holzer / REPOHistory / Allan Sekula / Daniel Martinez / Muntadas
Martha Rosler Theses on Defunding includes image of work by Krzyysztof Wodiczko
George Yudice The Privatization of Culture David Avalos / Border Art Workshop / Louis Hock / Elizabeth Sisco