The Program in Visual Arts

Artpark, 1976

Editor: Sharon Edelman

[Documentation of three years of projects - partial list of artists.]

Ching Yu Chang  
Harris, Suzanne  
Holt, Nancy Hydra's Head
Matta-Clark, Gordon Bingo
Nonas, Richard Boundry River / Boundry Man
Phillips, Liz  
Simonds, Charles  
Waldman, Anne  
Ant Farm Citizen's Time Capusle 1975 AD - 2000 AD
Grosvenor, Robert  
Holt, Nancy (color film)
Oppenheim, Dennis Identity Stretch (thumbprints) / 3 firework pieces
Pinto, Jody Five Block Ovals / Bleed Pockets
Saret, Alan Ghosthouse
Simonds, Charles Growth House
Sonfist, Alan (environmental projects)
Stuart, Michelle Niagara Gorge Path Relocated
Vasulka, Woody (animated black and white film)
Benglis, Lynda Adventures of Babu and Rexina
Davis, Dougles Questions New York Moscow New York Moscow Part III
Kaprow, Allan PRE-SOCRATIC
Miss, Mary Circular pit with trouths, a set for a film
Morton, Ree Regarding Landscape Maid of the Mist
Trakas, George