Art Workers Coalition, 1969

Andre, Carl
Barry, Robert
Battcock, Gregory
Bauch, Jon
Benkert, Ernst
Bernshouse, Don (Architects' Resistance)
Bressler, Gloria
Brody, Selma
Brown, Bruce
Carter, Bob 
Castle, Frederick
Castoro, Rosemarie
Chapman, Michael
Crump, Iris 
Denmark, John
Di Donato, Joseph
di Suvero, Mark
Dworzan, George 
Frampton, Hollis
Ginnever, Chuck
Gordy, Bill
Graham, Dan
Gross, Alex
Haacke, Hans
Hagin, Clarence
Herman, Gerry
Hewitt, Frank
Holmes, D.
Huot, Robert
Jacobs, Ken
Kosuth, Joseph
Lee, David
Levine, Naomi
LeWitt, Sol
Lippard, Lucy
Lloyd, Tom
Lozano, Lee
Lye, Len
Mieczkowski, Edwin
Minority A 
Nemec, Vernita
Newman, Barnett
Perreault, John
Phillips, Stephen
Picard, Lil
Pinchbeck, Peter
Pousette-Dart, Joanna
Raiken, Laura
Reise, Barbara
Ringgold, Faith
Rosenthal, Steve
Schwarz, Teresa
Siegelaub, Seth
Smith, Gary
Snow, Michael
Steckel, Anita
Strueckland, Carl
Swenson, Gene
Tobias, Julius
Toche, Jean
Vollmer, Ruth
Whitecross, Iain
Wholly, Jay
Wilson, Ann
Woods, Wilbur
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