1951, Los Angeles - Lives in New York

Esprit de l'Escalier Hallwalls, Buffalo 1988
Ghost Writer Passagen Verlag, Wein, Austria 1987
Never Odd or Even Silke Schreiber Verlag 1991
1986: Calendar on Travel and Tourism self (with Martha Hawley) 1986
The Collections of Barbara Bloom Steidl, Germany / Internation Center of Photography, New York 2008
The Reign of Narcissism (Guide Book - Fuhrer) Wurttembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart, Kunsthalle Zurich; Serpentine Gallery, London 1990
Flash Cards  The Renaissance Society, Chicago 2003
The Black Book Poster self  
The Reign of Narcissism [stamps with image of the hospital where Bloom was born - from Artists Book / Catalogue above] self 1990
Interview with Bloom The Print Collector's Newsletter, July-August 1990
A Fatal Attraction: Art and the Media The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago 1982
Art and Film Since 1945: Hall of Mirrors The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles  1996
ARS 95: Private/Public [Curator: Maria Hirvi] Museum of Contemporary Art, Finnish National Museum, Helsinki  1995
A Forest of Signs: Art in the Crisis of Representation  The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles 1989
Damaged Goods: Desire and the Economy of the Object  The New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York 1986 
Image World: Art and Media Culture  Whitney Museum for American Art 1989 
Istanbul Biennial # 4  Istanbul  1995 
Longing and Belonging From the Faraway Nearby  Site Santa Fe  1995 
Nowhere / Now Here  Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebeak, Denmark 1996 
Place for the Self Apex Art, New York 2004
Temporarily Possessed: The Semi-Permanent Collection The New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York 1995
The Museum as Muse: Artists Reflect  The Museum of Modern Art, New York 1999
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Appropiation [Documents of Contemporary Art] MIT Press / Tate Gallery 2009
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New Art Rizzoli 1991
Picture This: Films Chosen by Artists Hallways Contemporary Art Center, Buffalo 1987
Grand Street #47 [artists pages: A Collection]  Grand Street 1993
The Print Collector's Newsletter [Bloom's artists books and related ephemera] July-August 1990