Founded in 1985 by Andrew Castrucci and Nadia Coen, Bullet Space was located in a squatted building at 292 East Third Street - it was considered "the first homestead art space in NYC".

Publication: YOUR HOUSE IS MINE, 1993

Paul Castrucci

Partial List:

Algarin, Miguel
Burden, Chris
Cooper, Martha
Churchman, Jane
Crespo, Yolanda
Drooker, Eric
Ellis, Joan
Farris, John
Fekner, John
Galeano, Eduardo
Ginsberg, Allen
Hammons, David
Hunter, Nathaniel "Junior"
Lady Pink 
Mueller, Cookie
Neumann, Andrea
Pitts, John
Public Enemy
Quinones, Lee
Sanchez, Juan
Serrano, Andreas
Smith, Neil
Tobocman, Seth
Van Dalen, Anton
Van Cook, Marguerite
Whalen, Joshua
Wodiczko, Krzystof
Wojnarowicz, David
Wong, Martin
Alternative Art New York, 1965-1985, Julie Ault, 2002
Collectivism After Modernism: The Art of Social Imagination After 1945, 2007