COVER # 2 - January 1980

Artcover, New York

Editor: Judith Aminoff

Acconci, Vito Toward a Theory of Image / Instrument / Decoration
Barbasch, Annette Fashion Moda
Birnbaum, Dara Wonder Woman Technology Transformation
Eins, Stefan Fashion Moda
Fend, Peter  
Froese, Deiter 'Interception'; a 2 channel video installation
Glass, Philip dialogue with Steve Reich and Tim Page
Gutman, Ethan  
Harris, Suzanne in Rigging (inclucing a tribute after her death in 1979)
Highstein, Jene  
Hovagimyan, Gerard  
Jorden, Bill A Manifesto for Photographic Criticism in a New Age
Kahane, Lisa  
Nonas, Richard in Rigging
Oppenheim, Dennis Recuring Aspects in Sculpture
Reich, Steve dialogue with Philip Glass and Tim Page
Rice, Shelley  
RIGGING includes Matta-Clark
Sellitto, Patrick (Jr.)
Serra, Richard in Rigging
CIRCUITS [partial]  
Applebroog, Ida  
Chatham, Rhys  
Holt, Nancy Notes from a conversation October 1979, New York
Johnston, Becky  
Smithson, Robert on land reclamation