33 Years of Public Art in New York City

Princeton Architecture Press, New York, 2007

Editor: Ruth A. Peltason

  Articles [partial list]
Lucy Lippard Preface: Pilot Lights
Kirby Gookin History
Acconci, Vito Free Art! Or: to be or not to be [multiple choices]
Anderson, Laurie Painted Money: A few thougths on art freedom and power in contemporary america
Chan, Paul Quest
Chin, Mel  
Holzer, Jenny Planes and Projections
Rosler, Martha  Art, Agency, and Resistance
Ukeles, Mierle Laderman The Power of the Artist & The Power of Art in the Public Domain
  also: Sanitation Celebrations
  The Plain of Heaven Plain of Heaven [exhibition, 2005] Including
Erlich, Leandro  
LeWitt, Sol  
Matta-Clark, Gordon  
  Art on the Beach
Adams, Dennis  
Aycock, Alice  
Hammons, David  
Holt, Nancy  
Oppenheim, Dennis  
Saar, Alison  
Wilson, Fred  
  Art in the Anchorage [Brooklyn Bridge]
Azaceta, Luis Cruz  
Egoyan, Atom  
Finley, Karen  
Guerrilla Girls   
Jonas, Joan  
Kabakov, Ilya  
Kelley, Mike  
Neshat, Shirin  
Spero, Nancy  
Wojnarowicz, David  
  Other Artists Projects
Amorales, Carlos The Forest [video - Astrovision]
Cai Guo-Qiang Light Cycle
Edelson, Mary Beth Combat Zone: HQ Against Domestic Violence
Finley, Karen The Black Sheep
Gran Fury Kissing Doesn't Kill: Greed and Indifference Do
Gomez-Pena, Guillermo El Mexterminator
Gonzalez-Torres, Felix untitled, 1995 [billboard - bird in flight]
Haacke, Hans

Social Action Projects

Hill, Gary Liminal Object #7 [video - Astrovision]
Kentridge, William Shadow Procession [video - Astrovision]
Lucier, Mary Monarch [video - Astrovision]
Rothenberg, Erika Freedom of Expression National Monument
Struth, Thomas Video Portraits [video - Astrovision]
Wegman, William Front Porch [video - Astrovision]