P.S.1 - The Institute for Art and Urban Resources, Inc., January 17 - March 14, 1982

Curators: 8 exhibitions within one: Alanna Heiss, Linda Burnham, Ronny Cohen, Edit deAk, John Howell, Thomas Lawson, Joseph Masheck, Peter Plagens, Marcia Tucker - Projeects Rooms, Faith Ringgold "The Wild Art Show" also Multi-Disiplinary Program, artists and curators listed below.

Arlen, Nancy 
Baker, Ann [one-person exhibition] 
Beckett, Richard
Beckman, Ericka
Benglis, Lynda
Boochever, Mary [one-person exhibition]  
Borofsky, Jon 
Brami, Russel [one-person exhibition]  
Butter, Tom
Cohen, Arthur
Copley, Billy
Cyphers, Peggy
Dudley, Don [one-person exhibition]  
Ehry [one-person exhibition]  
Ellis, Edie
Fendrich, Laurie
Fernandes, Michael [one-person exhibition] 
Fischl, Eric
Fristachi, Frank [one-person exhibition]  
Futura 2000
Gallagher, Cynthia
Ghen, Dina F. 
Gilbert-Rolfe, Jeremy
Gold, Sharon
Goldstein, Jack
Hennessy, Richard
Hepper, Carol [one-person exhibition] 
Heyward, Julia
Hitch, Stewart
Hodson, Kristin 
Hogan, Patrick 
Hull, John
Kass, Deborah
Kennedy, Kathryn
Kitchen, Robert
Kreisel, Marc
Lawson, Thomas
Le Va, Barry [one-person exhibition]  
Lieb, Vered
Linden, Ron
Lindsey, Carol
Mascatello, Tony
McClard, Michael
Miller, Nachume
Morehead, Gerry
Murray, Elizabeth
Nares, James
Nozkowski, Thomas
Ono, Yoko
Palmer, Marilla
Philips, John
Pitt, Suzan
Place, Pat
Porter-Scully, Catherine
Quinn, Barbara
Reice, Moli [one-person exhibition] 
Ricatto, Cosimo de Leo [one-person exhibition]  
Robinson, Walter
Rupert, Randal
Saito, Takao
Schroder, Frank
Scully, Sean
Shell, Kent
Shorr, Kenneth
Spence, Andrew
Stewart, Leora
Teare, Kevin
Tewes, Robin
Thomas, Morgan [one-person exhibition] 
Va, Barry Le [one-person exhibition] 
Vallance, Jeffery
Vega, Alan
Way, Jeff
Willis, Thornton
Winters, Robin
Wong, Paul
Yunque [one-person exhibition] 
Zwack, Michael
Fashion - Willi Smith "Art as Damaged Goods" curated by Hollywood DiRusso
Film - Jon Rubin "Intrusion" curated by Leandro Katz
Photography - "Selected Situations" with Ingrid Dinter, Daniel Faust, Jerry Gordon, and Christine Osinski. curated by Carol Squires
Sound - Alan Scarritt, curated by William Hellermann
Video - Joan Jonas, curated by Bob Harris