Curator: Virginia Dwan [and John Weber]

10, 1967
Carl Andre, 1969 [invitation card]
Earth Works, 1968 [invitation card]
Dan Flavin: Coolwhite, etc. from Dan Flavin, 1968 [invitation card] 
Dan Flavin: corneredinstallations 1963 -1970 [poster] 
Michael Heizer: New York - Nevada, 1970 [invitation card]
Sol LeWitt: One Set of Nine Pieces, 1967 [poster]
Richard Long: The Legend of Silbury Hill, 1970 [2 announcement cards]
Robert Morris - Sculpture, 1966 [poster]
Fred Sandback - Five Situations, 1969 [poster]
Robert Smithson , 1968 [poster/announcement - radiating lines - based on "Leaning Strata",1968 - re: p. 152, Robert Smithson, 2004, Tsai] 
Robert Smithson, 1966-7 [poster/announcement - noshtimssmithson] 
Robert Smithson: Great Salt Lake Utah - Spiral Jetty, 1972 [poster] 
Robert Smithson; Great Salt Lake Utah - Spiral Jetty [10 b&w stills from the film] 
Robert Smithson: Nonsites (Mono Lake), 1969  [invitation] 

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First indication for exhibition (photograph by Dawn of tire tracks) Artforum, September 1968
Announcement for exhibition in Artforum Artforum, October 1968
10 Years Artforum, December 1969