Alianza Civica Convenes International Experts to Form Support Delegation for Oct. 4th Chiapas Municipal Elections Observation.
(Delegation dates Oct. 1-7)


Mexico's non-partisan electoral watchdog organization, Alianza Civica, is convening an international support delegation for the observation of the October 4th municipal elections in Chiapas.

Concern is high because some observers have contended that ongoing violence, heavy federal military presence, pro-government paramilitary activity, massive internal refugee issues, deep political polarization, and a deadlocked "peace process" make fair elections in Chiapas impossible at this time. In order to assess the pre-electoral climate and the viability of the electoral process, Alianza Civica recently sent an expert team to Chiapas. A report from this team will be available in early September.

Meanwhile, Alianza Civica is planning an observation and is seeking expert international support for observation of and reporting on the electoral context and voting day procedures. Honest and accurate reporting is especially important because issues of municipal control have been the subject of an intense polemic and the trigger for violent repression in Chiapas in recent months.

Global Exchange is assisting with this delegation. We will be screening applications and seeking visas and credentials for those who are accepted. Global exchange will NOT be charging any fee, nor arranging transportation, lodging or food for delegates. We estimate that costs (airfare excluded) will be approximately USD 30-45 per day plus an additional USD 140 each that will be pooled to cover collective transportation needs.

If you are interested, please act quickly. We need an initial response by 10:00 AM, THURSDAY, AUGUST 27 to assure that your name will be on the list submitted to the Mexican authorities for approval.

Please submit the following:

1.) Basic Information:

* Full Name:
* Nationality:
(Note: Mexicans are very welcome in this delegation but they will need to be credentialed directly through Alianza Civica.)
* Passport Number:
* Date of Birth:
* Address, phone, fax, email, etc.
* Three references
* Two emergency contacts (including address/phone and relationship to you)

2.) Recent résumé.

3.) Introductory letter that includes relevant experiences you have had:
* Prior work in Mexico, especially Chiapas.
* Previous elections observation work (in US, Mexico, or elsewhere)
* Membership in civic or community organizations
* Level of Spanish fluency (e.g. good, excellent, total fluency, native
* Academic or organizational position:

For more information please contact:

Ted Lewis
(415) 255-7296 ext. 236