New York, New York

Co-founded by Jeanette Ingberman and Papo Colo in 1982 at 578 Broadway. As their statement of purpose puts forward, Exit Art is "a hybrid interdisciplinary arts organization dedicated to transcultural, multi-media explorations of contemporary art issues through critical presentations, publications, film and video projects. Exit Art programs create a context that helps change the way our society looks at art and to help break down the cultural and racial stereotypes." In 2006 Exit Art relocated to the Chelsea area of New York City, at 475 10th Avenue (corner of 36th Street).

From a 1986 catalogue statement

The Purpose of Exit Art is:

- to research essential issues in contemporary art and to present a thorough analysis and overview of these issues through the organization of exhibitions and the publication of catalogues.
- to organize comprehensive one person exhibitions of mid career artists.
- to document artists whose work is difficult to catagozize or exhibit either because of their content or manner of working, and to make this information available to the larger public through exhibitions and publications.
- to produce special projects and events that bring together artists of various disciplines to work collaboratively on an event, including: film, dance, music, performance, poetry and visual art.
- to publish special editions of artists' work in a literary or visual format.
In 2008 they initiated a new program, the Curatorial Incubator Program.
From their webpage: The program expands Exit Art's commitment to supporting and developing the careers of young and emerging curators and scholars in contemporary art. The program will give the material, financial, and human resources of Exit Art to developing curatorial talent. Fellows will conceive, design and execute proposed large-scale exhibition projects, learn fundraising, develop outreach and educational programs, and co-publish a publication. Through Exit Art's acclaimed archives, curatorial fellows will have access to a rich in-house history, contextualizing their projects within international and historical frameworks.

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