GREAT WESTERN SALT WORKS: Essays on the Meaning of Post-Formalist Art

George Braziller, 1974

Essays by: Jack Burnham

Systems esthetics Dan Flavin / Hans Haacke / Donald Judd / Allan Kaprow / Les Levine / Robert Morris / Robert Smithson
Real time systems Robert Barry / Donald Burgy / Hans Haacke / Douglas Huebler / Joseph Kosuth / Les Levine / Dennis Oppenheim / Pulsa / Seth Siegelaub / Lawrence Weiner
Les Levine: Bisiness as usual Les Levine
Alice's Head Vito Acconci / Carl Andre / Robert Barry / Douglas Huebler / Joseph Kosuth / One Month (March) / Dennis Oppenheim / Prospect 69 / Pulsa / Seth Siegelaub / Lawrence Weiner / When Attitudes Become Form
Willoughby Sharp interviews Jack Burnham
The purpose of the "Ready-mades"
Duchamp's Bride stripped bare: the meaning of the Large Glass
Voices from the gate Robert Morris
The semiotics of "End Game" art Robert Morris / Ad Reinhardt / Richard Serra / Frank Stella
The artist as shaman Dennis Oppenheim
Objects and ritual: towards a working ontology of Art John Cage / Gilbert & George / Peter Hutchinson / Allan Kaprow
Comtemporary ritual: a search for meaning in post historical terms Art and Technology / Helen and Newton Harrison /