Routledge Press, 1995 - 2005

Editor: Mariellen R. Sandford

Partial List:

Beuys, Joseph  
Brecht, George   
Cage, John Interview
Celant, Germano  
Cunningham, Merce  
Dine, Jim  
Duchamp, Marcel  
Filliou, Robert
Higgins, Dick The Tart, or Miss America / Graphis /
Kaprow, Allan Eat / Self-Service / Calling / Excerpts from "Assemblages, Environments & Happenings" / Interview / In Response (A letter)
Kirby, Michael  The First and Second Wilderness / Allan Kaprow's Eat / Happenings (introduction)
Klien, Yves  
Knizak, Milan  
Mac Low, Jackson  
Macunias, George  
Manzoni, Piero  
Moorman, Charlotte  
Morris, Robert Notes on Dance
Oldenberg, Claes Washes / Fotodeath /
Paik, Nam June  
Rainer, Yvonne  Some Retrospective Notes on a Dance..., 1965 / Interview
Rauschenberg, Robert  
Rene Block Gallery  
Restany, Pierre  
Riley, Terry  
Schneemann, Carolee Snows / From More Than Meat Joy /
Spoerri, Daniel  
Vautier, Ben  
Vostell, Wolf  
Whitman, Robert The Night Time Sky /
Williams, Emmett  
Young, Le Monte Lecture 1960 /