Comunicacion en Tiempos Dificles: Uno Mas Cerca del Otro

Centro Wifredo Lam, 2000

Curator: Nelson Herrera Ysla


esta es tu casa (This is your house) Vicenta [at the home/gallery of Vicenta Aguila Bruja] enevlope with text by Ezequiel Sudrez Glez containing individual cards for 7 other artists with images. includes works by Angel Delgado / Ernesto Leal / John Morton / Kerstin Zurbrigg [Cuban and U.S. artists]
Ventana Hacia Venus / Window Onto Venus single-fold brochure with images and list of artists in two exhibitions: Workshop / and The Last Drawing of the Century - both at the Teatro Nacional  
Allora & Calzadilla (United States / Cuba) large card with three images of works that were presented on billboards in Havana during the Bienal / text in English  
Arte Urbano [Enrique Banfi / Silvana Peri]  (Argentina) 6 page catalogue with images and text in Spanish and English plus history  
Gustavo Artigas (Mexico) 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper with instructions on flying the model airplane  
Abel Barosso  Cafe Internet 3er Mundo place mat (print 74/300) [used at a cafe in the el Morro-Cabana during the Bienal]  
Jorge Menna Barreto  "In memorian al peso" a descriptive tag and a paper bag with the combined weight (after my weight was added to the already weighed persons) in Kgs printed on the side  
Patricia Belli (Nicaragua) 2 postcards with images in color of works on one side and title and year on the reverse  
Casagrande & Rintala [architectural office] (Finland)  small 12 page brochure with images and text pertaining to 4 projects  
Galeria Dupp (Cuba) multiple-page foldout brochure with image and text in Sapnish  
Orestes Grediaga (Canada) a single fold brochure with images on the front and text in the interior in Spanish, French, and English  
Shigeaki Iwai (Japon) 3 post cards, each with the same message in different languages. Text on one siage beginning with "Tell me something about your name..." and on the reverse a blank space with a request to "Please write a short self-introduction using the information on the other side."  
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer (Mexico / Canada) postcard with image of an installation in Mexico, D.F.  
Anamaria McCarthy (Peru)  a large card with image on the front and text on the reverse in Spanish  
Helio Oiticica: Mas Alla del Espacio (Brazil) color brochure with images and text in Spanish  
Nadin Ospina (Colombia) poster with image of inflatable figure in the Bienal  
Cecilia Paredes Polack  small three-fold brochure with images and text from Borges' "El Tiempo" in Sapnish, plus artist bio (individual brochure for work in "Ventana Hacia Venus)  
Costa Rica en la VII Bienal de La Habana [7 artists] a 24 page catalogue  
Encuentro de Teoria y Critica a 112 page book with essays in Spanish and English - also with insert program of venues and times for presentation of papers includes writings by: Pat Binder and Gerhard Haupt [Universes in Universe] / Rosa Martinez [Bienales en la Periferia] / Jose Roca [Bogota / Arte / Publico]