1950, Gallipolis, Ohio - Lives and works in New York

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Eating Through Living [with Peter Nadin] Tanam Press 1981
Laments (book and video) Dia Art Foundation 1989
Wooden Post Cards (inc. Money Creates Taste / Private Property Created Crime / Torture is Barbaric / The Beginning of the War will be Secret / Protect Me Form What I Want) Art Post (one by Printed Matter: The Beginning of the War...) nd
Modern Old Fashion Glasses (a set of 4 glasses with text: Protect Me From What I Want / You are Guileless in Your Dreams / The Most Profound Things are Inexpressible / Boredom Makes Me do Crazy Things) Modern Old Fashion nd
Pencils from Truisms Series (multiple) self nd
Rubber Stamp (Any Surplus is Immoral) Walker Art Center 1991
Truisms and Essays (with poster insert) Barbara Gladstone Gallery  1983+
Truism Stamps for Printed Matter  1995
Black Book Posters [aka: Inflamatory Essays - small version] self (third edition) 1995 
Inflamatory Essays [set of 27 street posters, early, 17" x 17"] self  1979-82 
Inflamatory Essays  [poster/flyer with 10 essays on the sheet] Fashion Moda  1979
First Impressions Poster [Truisms] (exhibition poster) Walker Art Center, Minneapolis 1989
Truisms [early street poster]  self  1978 
Interview with Holzer New Art, Rizzoli 1991
Selected writings and images in: Witness to Her Art Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College 2006
Jenny Holzer [exhibition catalogue / brochure: the Living Series and Truisms] ICA, Boston 1983
Jenny Holzer: Archive (large exhibition poster - Redaction Paintings)  Cheim & Read, New York  2006
Jenny Holzer: Protect Protect (gallery guide and brochuer for the exhibition) Whitney Museum of American Art 2009
Raise Boys and Girls the Same Way [from Truisms - postcard for the exhibition Thinking Print] The Museum of Modern Art, New York 1996
The Most Profound Things Are Inexpressible [Newsletter No. 10] BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead  2000
Laments (installation)  Dia, New York 1989
Democracy: A Project by Group Material Bay Press / Dia Art Foundation 1990
Inserts ["Advertising Supplement to The New York Times" sponsored by the Public Art Fund] Group Material 1988
Numero Quattro a cura di Sol Lewitt - Periodical Curated by Sol LeWitt Edizione Cenobio Visualita Ass., Milan 1982
Jenny Holzer Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum 1989
Jenny Holzer: Protect Protect MoCA, Chicago / Whitney Museum + 2008
Jenny Holzer: The Venice Installations [44th Venice Biennale - United States Pavilion]  Venice  1990 
Jenny Holzer: Signs Des Moines Art Center 1986 
A Decade of New Art: Artists Space  Artists Space, New York 1984
A Forest of Signs: Art in the Crisis of Representation  The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles 1989
Art & Social Change  Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin College, Ohio 1983
Art and the Dialectic Process [catalogue brochure] Everhart Museum, Scranton, Pennsylvania  1987 
Billboard Art on the Road MASS MoCA, North Adams, Massachusetts 1999
Carnegie International 1985 [Curators: John R. Lane and John Caldwell] The Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania 1985
Committed to Print: Social and Political Themes in Recent American Printed Art The Museum of Modern Art, New York  1988
Compassion and Protest: Recent Social and Political Art from the Eli Broad Family Foundation Collection  San Jose Art Museum  1991 
Constitution [organized by Group Material] The Temple Gallery, Temple University, Philadelphia 1987
Content: A Contemporary Focus 1974-1984  Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden  1984 
Cultural Economies:Histories from the Alternative Arts Movement, NYC  The Drawing Center, New York 1996
Devil on the Stairs: Looking Back on the Eighties Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia 1991
Disarming Images: Art for Nuclear Disarmament  The Art Museum Association of America 1984
Documenta 7  Kassel, Germany 1982 
Documenta 8 [curator: Manfred Schneckenburger] Kassel   1987
East Village USA The New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York 2004 
Energieen [Energies]  Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam 1990
First Impressions: Early Prints by Forty-six Contemporary Artists The Walker Art Center, Minneapolis 1989
Gloria:Another Look at Feminist Art of the 1970s White Columns, New York 2002
Image World: Art and Media Culture  Whitney Museum for American Art 1989 
Inquires: Language in Art Art Museum of Ontatio 1990
In Search of The Media Monster  Art Gallery, Cleveland State University, Ohio 1988
la Biennale di Venezia 44: National Pavilion - United States Venice, Arsenale  1990
la Biennale di Venezia 48  Venice, Italy  1999 
la Biennale di Venezia 51: The Experience of Art / Always a Little Further  Venice  2005 
Longing and Belonging From the Faraway Nearby  Site Santa Fe  1995 
Making Their Mark: Women Artists Move Into The Mainstream 1970-85 Cincinatti Museum of Art  1993 
Massive Political Group Show II: Visual Art, Performance, Music, Poetry, Video. [poster / no catalogue] ABC No Rio, New York 1985
Media Post Media Scott Hanson Gallery, New York 1988
Mediascape Guggenheim Museum Soho 1996 
Memento Mori  Moore College of Art, Philadelphia 1985
Metropolis Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin 1991
Nowhere / Now Here  Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebeak, Denmark 1996 
Perverted by Language  Hillword Art Gallery, New York 1987 
Power: Its Myths and Mores in American Art 1961-1991  Indianapolis Museum of Art  1991
Public Art  Nexus Contemporary Art Center, Atlanta 1985
Pulsa 2: Report on a Phenomenon [curator: Phyllis Plous] University Art Museum, Santa Barbara, California  1990
Putt-Modernism: 18 Hole Miniature Golf Course & Exhibition Artists Space, New York 1992
San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art: A Selections from the Permanent Collection  San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art 1990
Secular Attitudes   Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art 1985
75th American Exhibition Art Institute of Chicago 1982 
Signs [curator: Ned Rifkin] The New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York  1985
Sites and Solutions: Recent Public Art [curated by Judith Tannenbaum] Freedman Gallery, Albright College, Reading, Pennsylvania 1984
Social Strategies: Redefining Social Realism  University Art Museum, University of California, Santa Barbara 2003
Sonsbeek 86  Arnhem, The Netherlands  1986
Stations  Centre International D'Art Contemporian De Montreal 1988
The Art of Eastern Europe in Dialogue with the West  Moderna galerija Ljubljana 2000 
The Decade Show: Frameworks of Identity in the 80s The New Museum of Contemporary Art / The Studio Museum of Harlem / the Museum of Contemporary Hispanic Art,, New York 1990
The End: An Independent Vision of Contemporary Culture, 1982-2000 [curatore: Jeanette Ingberman and Papo Colo] Exit Art, New York 2000
The 1984 Show Ronald Feldman Fine Art, Inc, New York 1983
The Passions of the Good Citizen  [brochure] Apexart, New York  
The Political Arm  John Weber Gallery / Washington University Gallery of Art 1991
Thinking Print: Books to Billboards, 1980-1995 The Museum of Modern Art, New York
Whitney Biennial 1983 [John G. Hanhardt, Barbara Haskell, Richard Marshall, and Patterson Sims] Whitney Museum of American Art 1983
Whitney Biennial 1985 [Richard Armstrong, John G. Hanhardt, Barbara Haskell, Richard Marshall, Lisa Phillips, and Patterson Sims] Whitney Museum of American Art 1985
Women of Influence Amerika Haus Berlin 1984
Word as Image: American Art 1960-1990  Milwaukee Art Museum 1990
MASS The New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York 1986
Resistance (Anti-Baudrillard) White Columns, New York 1987
A Guide to Democracy in America Creative Time Books 2008
Alternative Art New York 1965-1985 The Drawing Center / University of Minnesota Press 2002
Appropiation [Documents of Contemporary Art] MIT Press / Tate Gallery 2009
Art After Midnight: The East Village Scene St. Martin's Press 1986
Art After Modernism: Rethinking Representation  The New Museum of Contemporary Art  1984 
Art and Artifact: The Museum as Medium  Thames & Hudson 2001
Art in the Age of Mass Media Westview Press 1994
Art Matters: How the Culture Wars Changed America  New York University Press 1999
Art Recollections:Artists' Interviews and Statements in the Nineties Danilo Montanari & Exit & Zona Archives Editori 1997
Art Talk: The Early 80s  Da Capo Press  1988
Beyond Recognition: Representation, Power, and Culture University of California Press 1992
Blasted Allegories: An Anthology of Writings by Contemporary Artists The New Museum of Contemporary Art  1987 
Creative Time: The Book 33 Years of Public Art in NYC Princeton Architectural Press 2007
But is it Art? The Spirit of Art as Activism  Bay Press  1995 
Conceptual Art  Phaidon 1998
5000 Artists Return to Artists Space: 25 Years  Artists Space / D.A.P. Press  1998
Get the Message? A Decade of Art for Social Change [Lucy Lippard] E.P. Dutton 1984
Hotel  [Living by Holzer and Peter Nadin] Tanam Press  1980 
Mapping the Terrain: New Genre Public Art Bay Press 1995
Mixed Blessings: New Art in a Multicultural America [Lucy Lippard] Pantheon Books 1990
New Art Rizzoli 1991
On the Museum's Ruins  MIT Press 1993
Real Life Magazine: Selected Writings and Project s 1979-1994 [Truisims] Primary Information, New York 2006
SoHo: The Rise and Fall of an Artists' Colony  Routledge 2003
The Artist's Contract

Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Konig, Koln

The Lure of the Local: senses of place in a multicentered society The New Press, New York 1997
Theories and Documents of Contemporary Art: A Sourcebook of Artists' Writings  University of California Press 1996 
The Pink Glass Swan: Selected Feminist Essays on Art  The New Press, New York 1995
Witness to Her Art Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College 2006
Artforum [Artist's Projects Issue]  Artforum 1980
Art International [New York: Revivals and Survivals]  Summer  1990 
Art International [Venice Preview]  Summer  1990 
Art Journal [from Black Book (Inflamatory Essays)] Summer  1982 
Art Journal [From Gaget Video to Agit Video: Some Notes on Four Recent Video Works [Benjamin Buchloh] [and in Chronology] Fall  1985
Cover #6 Artcover, New York 1981
Heresies #14 The Women's Pages Heresies 1982
Heresies #20 Activists, Organizers, Progressives... Heresies 1985
New Observations # 35 [Laugh Hard at the Absurdly Evil (selection from the Survival Series) / More Survival by Holzer] New Observations Ltd. 1985 
Parkett # 15  Parkett  1988
Parkett #  40/41 Parkett  1994 
The Print Collector's Newsletter [article by Carter Ratcliff on Holzer] November-December 1982
Trans> # 5 Passim, Inc.  1998
Wedge #01 Brian Wallis and Phil Mariani  1982