A Documentation of the Art Series Program 1974-1981

Kutztown State College, 1982

Written and organized by James Carroll

This Art Series Program, initiated by James Carroll in 1974, included residences, performances, concerts, installations, and exhibitions. The list of artists below represents a small fraction of the more than 75 artists who participated in this program.
Each of the artists below submitted 4 pages "of whatever information they choose" to be included in this book documenting the program (a number of artists, including Laurie Anderson, Trish Brown, ans Nam June Paik, who all participated in the program, are present in the catalogue in name or photograph only).

Acconci, Vito
Adams, Mac
Ashley, Robert
Beckley, Bill
Cage, John 
Fenley, Molissa
Glass, Philip
Graham, Dan
Jonas, Joan
Jones, Bill T.
Korot, Beryl
Kostelanetz, Richard
Mangold, Robert
Monk, Merideth
Pinot, Jody
Reich, Steve
Serra, Richard