In Managua, at the Ministry of Culture we met with Vidaluz Meneses, a poet and cultural worker. I had brought with me one of Margaret Randall's books on Nicaragua - Risking a Somersault in the Air - which contained an interview with Menenses, and therefor had some insight into her involvement during the revolution.

Other books by Margaret Randall pertaining to Nicaragua:

Sandino's Daughters
1981 - New Star Books - ISBN: 0-919888-33-X
Sandino's Daughters Revisited
1994 - Rutgers University Press - ISBN: 0-8135-2025-8
Christians in the Nicaraguan Revolution
1983 - New Star Books - ISBN: 0-919573-15-0
Our Voices, Our Lives
1995 - Common Courage Press - ISBN: 1-56751-046-9

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