To national and international civil society
To the people of Mexico

The Mexican government is the government of death. The massacres, like those in El Charco and El Bosque some days ago, and like those in Acteal six months ago, and those of Aguas Blancas three years ago, are the distinctive stamp of this government, a government born under the sign of death and which carries death as a condition and an essential consequence of its economic and social policies. Everything can be said in a very few words: the policies of the government are the policies of death. Or, as the zapatista municipalities have said to the federal government: "You are an assassin, that is all."

Now we can understand that campaign slogan: "He knows how to do it." And he began to do it with his treason of February 9, 1995, when, in the middle of dialogue with the EZLN, he launched a military offensive against the zapatista zone. Afterwards, he responded to the forum on indigenous rights and culture by making them take to the indian peoples the militarization and the state of siege which has been imposed, de facto, on Chiapas. Then he ordered the government boycott of the second table of dialogue at San Andres, and violated the signed accords of the first table. Meanwhile, he promoted and financed paramilitary groups which, in Chiapas, have become the new PRI business. All this machinery of death in place, the only thing missing was to accept the road where he could act with the greatest impunity. Then came the campaigns against the witnesses who could bother him: the peace camps, international observers and the intermediation. "He knows how to do it:" arm the assassins, eliminate the witnesses, corner and provoke the victims, dig the communal graves and wash his hands, covered with indigenous blood.

The massacres are not his goal, but they are the necessary condition and consequences of his economic and social policy. We can also now understand, in his just scale, that other campaign slogan: the wellbeing of the family, that financial family which knows no limits in their voracity for wages, for the earth and the territories, for the natural resources, for the banks, the credit cards and the pensions, the awarding of contracts for highway construction and superprojects. The government's fourth year has arrived, and knocking again at the doors is a crisis even more virulent than the previous ones, the wellbeing of the financial family is urging him to finish off the autonomous groups residing in the heart of the people, because it fears, with reason, that those groups act as a lever for the general resistance against the draconian measures that the financial interests are preparing to impose on them and on many other countries. The wellbeing of the financial family is the motor for the machine of death that the government has assembled and unleashed. The wellbeing of the financial family is death for the indigenous, campesino, worker and popular family, and it is also death for all expression of dignity and autonomy on the part of civil society.

After almost six months, Acteal is not forgotten, despite the cloak of oblivion with which the government wishes to cover it. Worse still, Acteal continues today, not as an excess or something out of control, but rather as a part of the strategy of death of the Mexican State. The government has declared war on all expression of dignity and autonomy, in Mexico, and in the world. Its policy of death has carried it to decree its own political death. Everything urges the people to carry out the sentence which the government itself has decreed against itself. The process of organization, independent of government structures, must be advanced. It is necessary to support and build the autonomies in the indigenous world and their mirror in the country and the city: union liberty, true university autonomy, the free municipality, organization in the neighborhoods, liberty, justice and democracy for all Mexicans.

This march is merely one more event in this campaign for popular organization. Another step will be the caravan of the 111 to Chiapas on August 1, in order to meet with the 111 zapatista communities, as also will be the day of national protest in September. We will actively participate in all these activities, we will return to indignation against the dirty war, one more reason for popular organization.

Liberty to the political prisoners.
Stop the militarization of the country and the city.
Punish those guilty for all the massacres.
Construct popular democracy in each community, neighborhood, school,
Viva the zapatista autonomous communities

Signatories: FZLN, popular organizations of Mexico D.F.

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