- In the Public eye -

Billboards which were located in the large open area fronting Lake Managua, just behind the old Cathedral and the National Theater - photograph taken in February of 1987.


The "pintas" (graffiti) continue to present and reflect the thoughts and concerns of various segments of the community. They raise issues and stimulate dialogue in a most public context. During the Sandinista period they spoke of solidarity with the revolution, and they also enlarged the public discourse - keeping in the forefront issues which are far to often marginalized. After the defeat of the Sandinistas in 1990, the pintas began to take on a different character, often giving voice to El Gueguense, an indigenous voice of strength and perseverance reaching back to the time of the conquest - a voice which now would re-emerge and speak through and for the people.

(additional images: The initiation of the Mural school in Managua)

This particular mural is located within a health clinic in Esteli and was painted by an artists cooperative consisting of 3 muralists, one from the U.S., one from Argentina and the other from England. This photograph presents just one panel from a total work which is concerned with the Sandinistas ability and commitment to attend to the health needs of the people during the revolution.


The mural on the Children's Library in Managua was completed by Miranda Bergman, Marilyn Lindstrom,Yeshi Neumann and others in 1982.
The destruction of this mural in 1993 (photograph taken just days after) was carried out under the watch of Managua's current mayor, Arnoldo Aleman, who is also one of the leading contenders in this years (1996) presidential campaign.

The Murals of Revolutionary Nicaragua: 1979-1992, by David Kunzle (ISBN: 0-520-08192-7) is a major resource for detailed information on the various murals of Nicaragua.

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