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What is Nuevo Amanecer Press?

Nuevo Amanecer Press (NAP) is an information service, via the internet, supporting human rights work, primarily in Mexico, with three offices, one in Mexico, the United States, and Spain. It was established to distribute information at no cost, both its own and reproduced reports, to more than 5,000 people and organizations who receive its services throughout the world.

NAP's activities include the distribution of: (1)urgent actions, (2) a daily summary of both the Mexican and international, and (3) investigative reporting.  One such investigation by NAP has just been honored by PROJECT CENSORED in the U.S. for being one of the ten best journalistic investigation articles printed during 1998 in the U.S.

Nuevo Amanecer Press is registered as a non-govermental and non-profit organization legally constituted in the state of Washington, U.S.A. In Europe it is legally registered under the name "Nuevo Amanecer Indigenous Association" with the C.I.F.: G50761600, in Spain.

A Little History

Initially in 1992, Amanecer Press began its task of distributing information about the human rights situation in Mexico.  In 1995 it began a new period of its journey, installing three offices (Mexio, U.S., & Europe), including an investigations team. With this new organization, and with the voluntary efforts of its members, NAP has become one of the most respected, daily, non - conventional sources of information regarding democracy and human rights in Mexico.

Beginning in 1997, NAP widened its distribution services with the beginning of a detailed following of the news related to Mexico that appear in the mass and alternative media of both Mexico and the rest of the world.

The Investigation Team

The investigation team of NAP is directed by the U.S. investigative journalist Darrin Wood, who is the director of Nuevo Amanecer Press - Europe and is a recognized specialist on topics pertaining to the doctrine of counterinsurgency and low intensity warfare(LIW).

The original works of the NAP investigation team have been widely published in the Mexican and international media. NAP-Europe has also collaborated with U.S. Senate and congress members such as congressman Joseph Kennedy (MA. Dem.), and Senator Patrick Leahy (Vermont Dem.), in conducting investigations about the training of Mexican military troops on behalf of other countries.

The team's results have also been cited in various reports by Mexican human rights defense groups such as the Human Rights Center "Miguel Agustin Pro Juarez", the Human Rights Center "Fray Bartolome de Las Casas" and the net of civil human rights watch groups "All Rights for Everyone".

Nuevo Amanecer Needs Your Help NOW:

During all these years, NAP has maintained and advanced all of these activities with a motivated and enthusiastic team of members and collaborators, whose work has been carried out for the most part voluntarily (without economic benefit). The volunteer work that supports and maintains NAP will remain its main operating base.

However, in a new stage of its development, NAP believes that it is indispensible to free part of its investigation team by means of some economic support that will help to; (1) widen the amount and quality of their participation in the in-depth research efforts, (2) to improve the aquisition of specialized information sources and (3) to provide the minimal level of subsistence for a small operational, specialized investigation team.

At this time, we are asking you to help us support the work of Darrin Wood of NAP-Europe, becoming part of the network of donors, to allow Darrin to continue producing the NAP-INFO in spanish and the investigative work he is known for.

To help in the continuation of Nuevo Amanecer Europe's tasks, join the NAP donors' foundation, by filling out the following donation information:

First & Last Name: ______________________________________

Address:_____________________________________________________________Zip Code____________________, State: ___________________________
Monthly donation amount: (choose one please)
$15.- ________
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_________(another amount)

one time gift of:________

Your e-mail:  For Darrin to contact you. __________


Thank you for your attention to this matter,

Roger Maldonado and Susana Saravia
Co-General Directors

Statement prepared by Nuevo Amanecer Press: Support campaign for the works of Nuevo Amanecer Press - Creation of a donators' fund

Translated by: Claudia Olvera
Edited by: Bob Schweitzer

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General Director: Roger Maldonado
A Press in support of the work in defense of Human Rights

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