Artists Space, New York, 1984

Curator: Helene Weiner

[From catalogue notes:]

I have invited the directors of seventeen galleries to select three artists each to represent them in the exhibition.... My selection of galleries was confined to those that are commercial (an important pioneer in the area, ABC No Rio, is publically funded) and those that are accessible to the public... Helene Weiner

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Christminster Fine Art
Civilian Warfare
East 7th Street Gallery
Executive Gallery
51 X
Fun Gallery
Tracy Garet
International with Monument
Gracie Mansion
Nature Morte
The New Math Gallery
Oggi / Domani
Pat Hearn
Piezo Electric
Sharpe Gallery
Aljian, Stephen - Christminster
Belcher, Alan - Nature Morte
Benney, Paul - PPOW
Berman, Zeke - Oggi / Domani
Berkenblit, Ellen - Piezo
Bonk, Keiko - Piezo
Brazelton, Tom - C.A.S.H.
Bridgwood, Barry - New Math
Brooks Brody, Nancy - New Math
Chevins, Chris - C.A.S.H.
Coleman, Craig - New Math
Colicchio, Rich - 51X
Collins, Michael - 51 X
Condo, George - Hearn
Crane, Bregory A. - E.7th
Dean, Mark - Sharpe
De Sana, Jimmy - Oggi / Domani
Futura - Fun
Garratt, Robert - International
Garratt, Dana - Garet
Glantzman, Judith - Civilian Warfare
Gonzalez, Arthur - Sharpe
Ge=reenblat, Rodney Alan - Gracie Mansion
Grove, Kathleen - PPOW
Hambleton, Richard - Piezo
Jenkins, Kiely - Fun
Kardestuncer, Sermin - Christminster
Koury, Elizabeth - International
Lack, Stephen - Gracie Mansion
Laor, Leora - Oggi / Domani
Loughlin, Robert - Executive
Marcus, Paul - PPOW
Moore, Frank - Christminster
Nagy, Peter - Nature Morte
Ottersen, Michael - Sharpe
Parrino, Steven = Nature Morte
Prol, Rick - E. 7th
Sandrow, Hope - Oggi / Domani
Sangaris, Michael - E. 7th
Schmidt, Bruno - Executive
Schuyff, Peter - Hearn
Snyder, Huck - Civilian Warfare
Sulit, Ahbe - Executive
Sutherland, Frederick - Garet
Vaisman, Meyer - International
Wasow, Oliver - C.A.S.H.
White, Dondi - Fun
Wojnarowicz, David - Civilian Warfare
Yarber, Robert - Garet
Zephyr - 51X
Zwillinger, Rhonda - Gracie Mansion