New Observations Ltd., New York

Editor for this issue: Peter Halley


Inconjunction with the exhibition "Science Fiction" at John Weber Gallery, September 17 - October 8, 1983

John Weber Gallery announcement card above lists the following artists: James Biederman/ Ross Blechner /
David Deutch / R.M. Fischer / Donald Judd / Jeff Koons / Richard Prince / Robert Smithson / Taro Suzuki

List of Artists, Essays and Movie Stills in New Observations Issue 17:

Peter Halley Introduction
Stillfrom "Things to Come (1935)
Alan Jones Science vs. Fiction
Laurie Simmons
Stills from Blade Runner
Yura Adams
Dwight David
Ilona Granet
R.M. Fischer
Taru Suzuki
Robert Horvitz Remarks to the Conference on Satellites and Telecommunications, School of Visual Arts, 1983
Peter Fend  
Richard Prince The Perfect Tense (from "Why I Go to the Movies", published by Tanam Press, NYC)
  Anonymous potograph of the N.J. Meadowlands Area
Reese Williams excerpt from the book "Figure Eight"
Robert Smithson The Establishment (courtesy Nancy Holt)
Robert Smithson  
Jon Friedman  
Edward Rankus Still from the videotape "Naked Room" (courtest Video Data Bank)
Max Almy Still from the videotape "Leaving the 20th Century"
Edward Rankus / John Manning / Barbara Latham  Still from the videotape "alienNATION"
Still from the movie Road Warrior
Barbara Kruger [YOUR manias become SCIENCE]