1938, Mason City (Electric City) Washington - Lives and works in New York



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Broken Record Blues (Airwaves) 110 Records  1976 
Theme from a Major Hit ("It ain't what you make it's what makes you do it."  American Narrative / Story Art 1967-1977 - Record 1978
Tooth and Nail: Film and Video 1970 - 74 by Dennis Oppenheim Slought Foundation 2008

Dennis Oppenheim (announcement card) John Gibson Gallery / Commissions, New York 1970
Dennis Oppenheim (announcement card) John Gibson Gallery, New York 1977
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Ecologic Art (postcard, no catalogue)

John Gibson Gallery, New York 1969
18'6" x 6'9" x 11'21/2" x 47' x 11 3/16" x 29'8 1/2" x 31' 9 3/16 [poster] San Francisco Art Institute 1969
557,087 Seattle 1969
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Interfunktionen # 03 Interfunktionen 1969
Interfunktionen # 04 Interfunktionen 1970
Interfunktionen #05  Interfunktionen  1970
Interfunktionen #06 Interfunktionen 1971 
Interfunktionen # 07 Interfunktionen  1971
Interfunktionen # 09 Interfunktionen 1972
Parachute # 9 (interview)  Parachute  1977
Dennis Oppenheim at John Gibson  Art in America, March-April  1970 
Dennis Oppenheim at Sonnabend Art in America, May-June 1973
Dennis Oppenheim at Francoise Lambert, Milan  Artforum, February  1980
Vito Acconci, Robert Morris, Dennis Oppenheim at Sonnabend Artforum, Summer, 1980
Dennis Oppenheim at BlumHelman Art in America, October 1993
Dennis Oppenheim at John Gibson (with image - "Snow Projects")  Artforum, January 1969