The New Museum of Contemporary Art and MIT Press, 2004

Editors: Gerardo Mosquera and Jean Fisher - with art project by Francis Alys

Lee Weng Choy Just What Is It That Makes the Term "Global-Local" So Widely Cited, Yet So Annoying?
Carlos Vidal Globalization or Endless Fragmentation? Through the Shadow of Contradictions
Gabriel Peluffo Linari Autonomy, Nostalgia, and Globalism: The Uncertainties of Critical Art
Getta Kapur When Was Modernism in Indian Art?
Chang Tsong-zung Vanquard of the Middle Way
Pam Johnston The Millennial Intake of Humans as Opposed to Nonhumans, or Who Wins the Lotto and the Role of the Arts in the Process
Rustom Bharucha Beyond the Box: Problematizing the "New Asain Museum"
Carolina Ponce de Leon Encounters and Disencounters: A Personal Journey through Many Latin American and U.S. Latino Art Worlds
Juan Manuel Valenzuela Arce Forms of Resistance, Corridors of Power: Public Art on the Mexico-U.S. Border
Apinan Poshyananda Desperately Diasporic
Jose Luis Brea Online Communities: Experimental Communication in the Vital Disdpora
John Clark Chinese Artists in France
Marian Pastor Roces Crystal Palace Exhibitions
Edouard Glissant For Opacity 
Everlyn Nicodemus Modernity as a Mad Dog: OnArt and Trauma
Kathryn Smith Keeping It Real
Jalal Toufic Transit Visa to Postwar Lebanon!
Gustavo Buntinx The Return of the Sign: The Resymbolization of the Real in Carlos Leppe's Performance Work
Nikos Papastergiadis The Limits of Cultural Translation
Angela Dimitrakaki Researching Culture/s and the Omitted Footnote: Questions on the Practice of Feminist Art History 
Jose Gatti Der Glauber Have Sept Cabecas
Victor Tupitsyn The Museological Unconscious
ARTISTS [+] DISCUSSED partial list  
Almeida, Helena  
Alys, Francis  
Andrade, Oswald de  
"Ante America"  
Araeen, Rasheed   
Arias, Fernando  
Atlas Group  
Baumgarten, Lothar  
Benjamin, Walter   
Beuys, Joseph  
Bhabha, Homi  
Block, Rene  
Border Art Workshop  
Border Festival   
Botero, Fernando  
Cabral, Amilcar  
Cai Guo-Qiang  
Cameron, James  
Camnitzer, Luis  
Capellan, Tony  
Celant, Germano  
Chen Zhen  
"Cities on the Move"  
Clark, Lygia  
Clifford, James  
Cosic, Vuk  
Creative Art Ensemble  
Derrida, Jacques  
Diaz, Gonzalo  
Dittborn, Eugenio  
Duclos, Arturo  
Durham, Jimmie  
Ehrenberg, Felipe  
Eltit, Diamela  
Enwezor, Okwui  
ERRE (Marcos Ramirez)  
"Facing History"  
Fanon, Frantz  
Fisher, Jean  
Foster, Hal  
Galan, Julio   
Geers, Kendell  
Gomez-Pena, Guillermo  
Gwangiu Biennial  
Hamilton, Richard  
Hammons, David  
Hatoum, Mona  
Havana Biennial  
Herkenhoff, Paulo  
Hou Hanru  
Istanbul Biennial   
Jaar, Alfredo  
Jameson, Fredric  
Johannesburg Biennale  
Kabakov, Ilya  
Kentridge, William  
Koolhaas, Rem  
Kopystyansky, Igor  
Kopystyansky, Svetlana  
Kounellis, Jannis  
Kulik, Oleg   
Kwangiu Biennale  
Lacan, Jacques  
Leirner, Jac  
Leppe, Carlos  
Lyon Biennale  
"Magiciens de la terre"  
Martinez, Rosa  
Meireles, Cildo   
Mesquita, Ivo  
Mosquera, Gerardo  
Neshat, Shirin  
New Museum of Contemporary Art   
Obrist, Hans Ulrich  
Oguibe, Olu  
Oiticica, Helio  
Oliva, Bonita  
Orozco, Gabriel  
Paris Biennial  
"Private View..."   
Ra'ad Walid  
Ramirez, Marcos  
Ramirez, Mari Carmen  
Renno, Rosangela  
Richard, Nelly  
Rocha, Glauber  
Said, Edward  
Salcedo, Doris  
Sanchez, Roberto   
Semper, Ene-Liis  
Shanghai Biennale  
Sherman, Cindy  
Sierra, Santiago   
Sokov, Leonid  
Taller de la Grafica Popular  
The Thing  
"Transit Visa"  
Trinh T. Minh-ha  
Venice Biennale  
Walker Art Center  
Whitney Biennial  
"Who Owns Women's Bodies"  
Wodiczko, Krzysztof  
"Wonder Beirut"  
Xu Bing  
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts  
Zenil, Nahum