UPFRONT # 14/15, 1987 - 88

A Publication of PAD/D [Political Art Documentation / Distribution]

Special Photography Supplement

Ron Sakolsky Speaking the Gospel: African Music in th U.K. (an interview with Keith Jefferis)
Irving Wexler Anyone for Postmodernism
Including: Doug Ashford / Group Material / Mierle Laderman Ukeles / Kristen Reed / Elizabeth Rodriguez / Jerry Kearns / Tim Rollins & K.O.S.
PADD The PADD Archive: MoMa and Hunter College Host Political Shows ["Representing Vietnam, 1965-1973 / The Antiwar Movement in America" at Hunter College, 1988 // and "Committed to Print: Social and Political Themes in Recent American Printed Art" at MoMA, 1988
Charles Frederick  AIDS: Healing the Person is the First Step in Finding a Cure
  Including: Gloria Bornstein / Ed Paschke / David Wojnarowicz / Kao Chih-ming
Ronnie Gilbert  Voices of Dissent (a symposium on arts as a force for social change, Drexel University, 1987 
  The Weavers (Lee Hayes. Pete Seeger, Fred Hellerman, and Ronnie Gilbert) / John Kelly and Ishmeal Houston-Jones / Deborah Langerman and Bob Feldman
World War 3 Illustrated [article with illustrations - see above]
Jay Murphy Southern Discomfort: The State of Critical Culture in the South
Including: Pat Courtney / John Riddle / Roadside Theatre
Don Adams and Arlene Goldbard Democracy and Competence
Including: Robert Hudson / Theodora Skipitares / Joseph Nechvatal and Rhys Chatham / Ida Applebroog / Lewis Hines
Herb Perr The Opening
Paul Wasserman Life Cycles of a Multicultural Center: An I Ching Reading [Taller Latinoamericano, West 19th Street, Chelsea, New York]
Two Voices from Chinatown's Basement Workshop
Fay Chiang: A Place in Art/History / Margo Machida: An Artists Perspective
Including: George Mars Dance Workshop / Margaret Yuen on Young Dancers / Linda Lew's Girls' Video Workshop / Seiichi Tananka (drum master) / Jessica Hagedorn, Blondelle Cummings, Joseph Jarman, and John Woo
SUPPLEMENT Hard Looks: The Social Role of Photography as the 80s End (a symposium with Barbara Jo Revelle / Alex Sweetman, Shelley Rice, Sophie Rivera, Mel Rosenthal, Abigail Solomon Godeau, edited by Lucy R. Lippard
Jim Anderson
Charles Biasiny-Rivera
Earl Dotter
Hans Haacke   
Connie Hatch
Marvin Heiferman
Silvia Kolbowski
Louise Lawler  
Michael Lesy
Susan Meiselas
Duane Michals
Marilyn Nance
Marcia Resnick
Barbara Jo Revelle
Ani Rivera
Sophie Rivera
Coreen Simpson