UPFRONT # 06/07, 1983

A Publication of PAD/D [Political Art Documentation / Distribution]

Cover: Anton van Dalen

Anderson, Michael Not for Sale / AHOP (Artist Homeownership Project): The First Battle
Brofsky, Miriam and Eva Cockcroft Street: An Image Brawl - The Politics of Street Painting [Keith Haring / John Fekner / David Wojnarowicz]
PAD Out of the Darkroom: Cuban Photography Now
PAD Detours, Sharp Turns and Little Naggy Feelings: Turning Points in the Lives of Art Activists [including: Jerry Kearns and Lucy Lippard, Jerri Allyn and Bill Gordh, Herb Perr, Eva Cockcroft, Holly Zox, among others]
Koenig, Janet Not for Sale: A Project Against Displacement
Kearns, Jerry, Lucy Lippard and Diane Neumaier "Cowboys and Guerrillas" 
Spriggs, Julie The Street = Private Property and the Public Domain 
PADD PADD Archives: International Poster Modernism
PADD Out of Sight, Out of Mind (I): Native American, Black and White Artists in Search of Cultural Democracy (including: Jesse Couday / Peter Jemison / Mel Edwards / Affrekka Jefferson / Irving Wexler / Herb Perr / Jaribu Hill / Ngoma Hill / Jolene Rickard)
Dona Ann McAdams