The Jewish Museum, New York, 1966

Curator: Kynaston McShine

Andre, Carl
Annesley, David
Artschwager, Richard
Bell, Larry
Bladen, Ronald
Bolus, Michael
Caro, Anthony
de Lap, Tony
de Maria, Walter 
Doyle, Tom 
Flavin, Dan
Forakis, Peter
Frazier, Paul
Gerowitz, Judy (Judy Chicago)
Gorski, Daniel 
Gray, David 
Grosvenor, Robert
Hall, David 
Huebler, Douglas
Judd, Donald
Kelly, Ellsworth
King, Phillip
Kipp, Lyman
Laing, Gerald 
LeWitt, Sol
McCracken, John
Matkovic, Tina
Morris, Robert
Myers, Forrest
Phillips, Peter
Pinchbeck, Peter 
Romano, Salvatore
Scott, Tim
Smith, Anthony
Smithson, Robert 
Todd, Michael
Truitt, Anne
Tucker, William
Van Buren, Richard
von Schlegell, David
Witkin, Isaac
Woodham, Derrick 
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