Various issues - interviews cited.

November-December, 1982 Articles on: Jenny Holzer by Carter Ratcliff / Agnes Denes: Triumph of the Will by Ronny H. Cohen
January-February, 1990 Interview: John Cage / also, Printed Matter moves to new space at 77 Wooster Street / Guerrilla Girls' posters
July-August, 1990 Interview: Barbara Bloom [Detective Stories]
July-August, 1991 Interview: Kiki Smith
September-October, 1991 Deborah Wye discusses Felix Gonzalez-Torres' hand-out - Untitled (Death by Gun)
November-December, 1991 Nancy Princenthal on The "Afangar Icelandic Series": Richard Serra's Recent Etching
March-April, 1992 Anselm Kiefer's Books by Max Kozloff / Marcel Broodthaers: On the Tautology of Art & Merchandise
January-February, 1993 Interview: Christian Boltanski
July-August, 1993 Number of Happines: Richard Tuttle's Books by Nancy Princenthal
January-February, 1994 The Critic & the Art Market (includes Dan Cameron, Arthur Danto, Donald Kuspit, Peter Schjeldahl, and Roberta Smith)