Primary Information, New York, 2006

Editors: Miriam Katzeff, Thomas Lawson, and Susan Morgan

Thomas Lawson and Susan Morgan Various Histories of REAL LIFE Magazine
Matthew Higgs REAL LIFE
Susan Morgan An Interview with Robert Moskowitz
Valentin Tatransky Collage and the Problem of Representation: Sherrie Levine's new work
Grahame Shane Crime as Function
Susan Morgan An interview with Steve Gianakos
Barbara Kruger Game Show
James Welling Untitled
Thomas Lawson Every Picture Tells a Story Don't It? [William Leavitt]
Thomas Lawson Fashion Moda
Richard Prince Primary Transfers
Dan Graham The Destroyed Room of Jeff Wall
Kim Gordon Trash Drugs and Male Bonding
Thomas Lawson Going Places
Susan Morgan Michael Hurson
Barbara Kruger Devils with Red Dresses On
Thomas Lawson Long Distance Information [Jack Goldstein]
Joseph Bishop Desperate Character [Cindy Sherman]
Richard Prince Menthol Pictures
Laurie Simmons Sam and Dottie Dance
Jim Bradley Radical Genitalia
Allan McCollum Mat Mullican's World
Michael Smith Mike In... What Should I Do About The Car?
Sherrie Levine Two Photographs After Walker Evans
Kim Gordon Honeymoon Habit
Post-Modernism: A Symposium [Christian Hubert / Sherrie Levine / Craig Owens / David Salle / Julian Schnabel]
Dan Graham BOW WOW WOW (the Age of Piracy)
Howard Singerman The Artist as Adolescent [Chris Burden and Mike Kelley]
Elsa Bulgari Your Everyday Critic
Thomas Lawson Too Good To be True
Jenny Bolande Elk Grazed as if Nothing Had Happened
David Robbins Notes from film
Eric Bogosian Fascination
Fulton Ryder Pissing on Ice
Joan Wallace and Geralyn Donohue Edit deAk
Rex Reason Democratism [Jenny Holzer - Truisms]
The Holy Ghost Writers Condensation and Dish-Placement
Howard Singerman Paragraphs toward an essay entitled 'Restoration Comedies'
John Roberts Ruins in the Realm of Thought
Paul McMahon From the Permanent Collection [Allan McCollum ]
Jo Baer and Bruce Robbins Beyond the Pale
Kathi Norkuln Courage [Dara Birnbaum / Barbara Kruger / Lourie Simmons]
Tim Rollins Particles, 1980-1983
Doug Ashford Kiss of Death
Thomas Lawson Komar and Melamid
Robin Winters The Secret Agent: an interview with Jacki Ochs
Robert C. Morgan a conversation with Lawrence Weiner
Judith Kirshner A Blinding Light [Jeff Wall]
Rex Reason Brie Popcorn: an interview with the directors of Nature Morte Gallery
John Miller Morality and the Poetic
Susan Morgan Portraits of the Artists / Composite Drawings
B.P. Gutfreund Four Photographs
Susan Morgan Each and Every One of You
Mark Dion Tales From The Dark Side
Jeff Wall Dan Graham's Kammerspiel Parts I and II
Jana Sterbak Premeditated: an interview with Ed Ruscha
Walter Robinson The Quest for Failure
Derek Boshier John Dugger
John A Walker Unholy Alliance: Chairman Mao, Andy Warhol, and the Saatchis
Kellie Jones David Hammons
John Miller Swiss Family Robbins
Adrian Piper An Open Letter to Donald Kuspit
Susan Morgan when X does not equal Y [Peter Halley / Donald Judd]
Thomas Lawson Critical Art Ensemble
Christine N. Lea Beyond Belief
Felix Gonzales-Torres Untitled 1988: Detail of a Sculpture (Endless Copies)
Thomas Lawson No Bull
Allan McCollum Photo from TV (with Paintings)
Dara Birnbaum The Wondering Of Context
James Welling Corridors, 1989
Michael Smith and R. Sikoryak Mike
Felix Gonzalez-Torres Untitled
Judith Barry  Drive-In or Walk-In Museum
Group Material AIDS Timeline
David Robbins Three Cancelled TV Families
Louise Lawler Untitled 1988
Susan Morgan Carlos Gutierrez-Solana
Josef Strau and Stephan Dillemuth Friesenwall 120
David A Muller Three Day Weekend
Spencer Finch Amnesia And Saying Nothing