REPOhistory - repossessing history

"In 1989, several former members of the PAD/D Not For Sale group formed REPOhistory, a public art collective specifically concerned with the artistic recovery of lost pasts" [Alan W. Moore: Collectivism after Modernism, p.211]

...We work to reclaim the past and re-present it as a multilayered, living narrative that includes the untold stories of those who have been marginalized or disenfranchised because of their class, race, gender or sexuality... REPOhistory seeks to question how history is constructed, to demystify the official versions, and insert stories, peoples and events which have been omitted... [from The Lower Manhattan Sign Project]

Founding members included Gregory Sholette.

The Lower Manhattan Sign Project - essay by Lucy Lippard

Partial List [from 46 participants]
Lisa Maya Knauer
Janet Koenig
Greg Sholette
George Spencer
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