SELECTED PERIODICALS - Multiple Issues      
Artforum various  1968 - Artforum 
Art Journal  various 1982- College Art Association of America 
Art in America  various 1969-  Art in America 
Art International  various  1969-  Art International 
Art & Language  various 1969 - Art & Language
Art Nexus: The Nexus Between Latin America and the Rest of the World Pini, Ivonne / Monica Amor / Efrain Bernal +  1997-  Trans Art / Arte en Colombia
Art-Rite  various 1973 - Art-Rite Publishing
Arts Magazine  various  1969-  Arts Magazine 
Aspen  various  1967  Roaring Fork Press, New York
Avalanche  various  1971- Avalanche 
Cover Judith Aminoff 1979- Artcover, New York
Cultural Democracy  Betty Kano + 1982- Alliance for Cultural Democracy
Flash Art various 1976 Flash Art
Frieze  various 1995- Frieze, London, England
Heresies  [complete] various 1977 - Heresies Collective
Interfunktionen  various 1971 - Interfunktionen
kunst & museumjournaal  volume 7, number 1/2/3/ 1996 The Netherlands 
New Observations  various 1985- New Observations Ltd., New York
October  Douglas Crimp / Rosalind Krauss / Annette Michelson  1976 - The MIT Press 
On Site #4 - Not Seen and/or Less Seen of... Alison Sky 1973 Site, Inc., New York
On Site 5/6 - On Energy  Alison Sky 1974 Site, Inc., New York
Parachute  various 1977-  Parachute, Montreal 
Parkett  various 1989 - Parkett
Poliester  Hollander, Kurt 1994- Poliester
Real Life Magazine #4 Lawson, Thomas 1980 Real Life
Sclupture various 2002- International Sculpture Center, Washington, D.C.
Studio International  various  1970-  Studio International
Third Text  Rasheed  Araeen 1987-  Third Text / Black Phoenix 
TRANS> [complete] Antelo-Suarez, Sandra 1995-  Passim, Inc. 
TriQuarterly # 32 (with cards) Newman, Charles 1975 TriQuarterly
The Flue  Wilson, Martha  197-  Franklin Furnace, New York 
The Fox  [complete] various 1975 - Art & Language Foundation 
The Print Collector's Newsletter various 1990s Print Collector's Newsletter, New York
Upfront - PAD/D - (Political Art Documentation/Distribution) [complete] Lippard, Lucy + 1981 - PAD 
Vision Marioni, Tom 1976- Crown Point Press
Wedge [complete] Wallis, Brian and Phil Matiani 1982 - Wedge
Witte de With Publications  various 1992 - Witte de With 
World War 3 Illustrated

Seth Tobocman, Eric Drooker

1980- WW III
0 to 9 [reprint 2006 - Ugly Duckling PRess] Vito Acconci and Bernadette Mayer 1967- Vito Acconci and Bernadette Mayer


SINGLE ISSUES LISTED HERE FOR:  Afterall / Art/Text / Exit / Public / Tellus / among others       
an anti-catalog [response to "American Art" exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art] The Catalog Committee: Baranik, Rudolf ++  1977 Artists Meeting for Cultural Change 
Art Action 1958-1998  Martel, Richard, Pierre Restany, Dick Higgins, +++ 2001 Inter Art Actuel et Le Lieu, Centre en Art Actuel, Quebec
Art & Technology: A Report of the Art & Technology Program of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 1967-1971  Tuchman, Maurice 1971 Los Angeles County Museum of Art / The Viking Press
Artpark: The Program in Visual Arts [documentation of 1974-6 projects] Edelman, Sharon, editor 1976 Artpark, New York
Art Workers Coalition: Open Hearing / Documents 1  Art Workers Coalition 1969  Art Workers Coalition 
Blocknotes #1: Strategies of Exhibition Blocknotes 1992 Blocknotes, Paris
BAW / TAF 1984 - 1989 [Border Art Workshop / Taler de Arte Fronterizo] (includes documentation - discriptions and history - of the performances, events, and exhibitions taking place between 1984 and 1989) Artists Space 1989 Artists Space
Crown Point Press publications [Vision and View] various 1978+ Crown Point Press, San Francisco
Dokumente zur Aktuellen Kunst 1967 -1970 [materials from the archives of Harald Szeemann]  Harald Szeemann / Georg Jappe / Aurel Schmidt 1972 Kunstkreis AG Luzern
Holly Solomon Gallery: The First Two Years Solomon, Holly 1977 Holly Solomon Gsllery
If You Lived Here: The City in Art, Theory, and Social Activism - A Project by Martha Rosler  Martha Rosler 1991 The New Press / Dia Art Foundation
In and Out of Kutztown: a documentation of the Art Series Program 1974-1981 James Carroll  1982 Kutztown State College, Pennsylvania
Inserts ["Advertising Supplement to The New York Times" sponsored by the Public Art Fund] Group Material 1988 Public Art Fund, New York
John Weber Gallery Newletter  John Weber Gallery 1975  John Weber 
July, 1969 The Society for Theoretical Art & Analyses 1969 Art Press, New York
Numero Quattro a cura di Sol Lewitt - Periodical Curated by Sol LeWitt Sol LeWitt 1982 Edizione Cenobio Visualita Ass., Milan 
REPOhistory  Gregory Sholette 1989- REPOhistory
Sex-Quake: Art After the Apocalypse [an exhibition in book form]  1st Art-Genes Portable Museum  1993 1st Art-Genes Portable Museum 
SoHo: The Essential Guide to Art and Life in Lower Manhattan Alexandra Anderson and B.J. Archer  1979 Simon and Schuster
The Museum of Drawers Distel, Herbert 1978 Kunsthaus Zurich
Welcome Back Emma! (We have missed you so!) [Emma Goodman] David Avalos / Deborah Small and others. 1989 Document of performance at the San Diego Arts Festival: Treasures of the Soviet Union
What Do You Expect? Paul Maenz  1977  Paul Maenz, Koln
Your House is Mine Castrrucci, Paul 1993 Bullet Space, New York