1939, San Francisco, California - Lives and works in New York

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Richard Serra "Around the Corner," 1982 A Sculpture Installation BlumHelman Gallery 1983
Richard Serra [Blindspot] Gagosian Gallery 2003
Richard Serra: 8 Drawings: Weights and Measures  [The American Flag is not an object of worship....] Leo Castelli  1989 
Richard Serra: "Slice" [blueprint] Leo Castelli 1981
Richard Serra: TMU, 1979/80 Location: New York, W. Braodway at Franklin and Leonard m Gallery, Bochum, W. Germany 1980
St. Johns Rotary Arc 1975/80  Leo Castelli  1980
Tilted Arc Defense Fund Leo Castelli  1985
Torqued Spirals Toruses and Spheres Gagosian Gallery 2001 

Lead Shot [submission to Aspen Magazine # 8]  Aspen Magazine # 8 1970-1 


Colour Aid, Bobby Deal, Sock Cymbal, Hands Catching Lead, Tied Hands, Hands Scraping, China Girl [announcement card for video presentation. This card also includes works by Bruce Nauman Videogalerie Gerry Schum, Dusseldorf 1972
Richard Serra: Skulpturen, Neon-Objekte [this is Serra's second solo exhibition] Galerie Ricke, Koln 1968
Richard Serra: stuffed animal habitats, 1966 [the original 1966 exhibition of stuffed animals at Galleria La Salita was Serra's first one person exhibition] Galleria La Salita, Rome 1972

Richard Serra: Filme 16 mm 1968-1971

Ursula Wevers "Projection", Koln 1971?
"Stop Bush" (handout of painting in the Biennial) Whitney Biennial   2006 
Richard Serra: Interviews, Etc. 1970-1980  The Hudson River Museum 1980
Richard Serra, October Files The MIT Press 2000
Richard Serra's Tilted Arc [documentation] Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven 1988
In and Out of Kutztown: a documentation of the Art Series Program 1974-1981 Kutztown State College, Pennsylvania 1983

Mel Bochner / Richard Serra  Hayden Gallery / MIT  1980 
Richard Serra  Pasadena Art Museum, Pasadena, California 1970
Richard Serra Sculpture: Forty Yours  Museum of Modern Art, New York 2007
Richard Serra Sculpture 1985 - 1987 Pace Gallery / Leo Castelli 1987
Richard Serra: Torqued Ellipses  Dia  1997
Richard Serra: Weights and Measure Drawings  The Drawing Center, New York 1994
Entries: Oedipus Reconciled [Robert Pincus-Witten] Arts Magazine, November 1980 
Joint Statement [presented as an ad] in Artforum regarding exhibitions and artists rights (in response to Documenta 5) Artforum, June 1972
"Play it Again Sam" (article by Serra) Arts Magazine, February  1970 
Richard Serra's Te Tuhirangi Contour: Time in the Space in Between Sculpture, Vol.27, #9 , November 2008
Richard Serra: Slow Information [Robert Pincus-Witten]  Artforum, September  1969 
Richard Sera's Paris Promenade Sculpture, Vol.27, #9 , November 2008
Richard Serra's "Tilted Arc": Art and Non-Art Issues - article by Serra  Art Journal ,Winter 1989
Richard Serra's Urban Scu;pture: An Interview [with Douglas Crimp]  Arts Magazine, November 1980 
Richard Serra, Utopian Constructivist [Donald B. Kuspit] Arts Magazine, November 1980 
Shift [article by Serra, edited by Rosalind Krauss] Arts Magazine, April 1973
A Minimal Future? Art as Object 1958-1968  The Museum of Contemporary Art, L.A.  2004
Anti-Form [announcement card / no catalogue]  John Gibson Gallery, New York  1968 
Anti-Illusion: Procedures/Materials Whitney Museum 1969
Art by Telephone  Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago  1969 
ArtCite: When Montreal Turns Into a Museum  Musse D'Art Contemporain de Montreal 2001 
Arte de Sistemas  Museo De Arte Moderno / CAYC - Centro de Arte y Communicacion, Buenos Aires 1971
Art in Space: Some Turning Points The Detroit Institute of Arts 1973
A View of a Decade 1967-1977  Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago  1977
Beyond Geometry: Experiments in Form, 1940s-1970s  Los Angeles County Museum of Art 2004 
Carnegie International 1985 [Curators: John R. Lane and John Caldwell] The Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania 1985
Carnegie International 1991 [Curators: Lynne Cooke and Mark Francis] The Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania 1991
Color Chart: Reinventing Color, 1950 to Today Museum of Modern Art, New York 2008 
Connections: Bridges/Ladders/Ramps/Staircases/Tunnels  Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania  1983 
Construction in Process  37 Pkwn Street, Lodz, Poland  1981 
Contemporary Sculpture. Projects in Munster 1997  Munster, Germany  1997
Content: A Contemporary Focus 1974-1984  Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden  1984 
Cultural Economies:Histories from the Alternative Arts Movement, NYC  The Drawing Center, New York 1996
Dia: Beacon [Collection Catalogue]  Dia Art Foundation  2003 
Dia Chelsea [periodic exhibition brochures in binder] - '97 - '98 Dia Chelsea, New York  1981- 
Diagrams & Drawings  Rijksmuseum Kroller-Muller, Otterlo  1972
Documenta 5 Kassel, Germany 1972
Documenta 6 [curator: Manfred Schneckenburger]  Kassel, Germany  1977 
Documenta 7  Kassel, Germany 1982 
Documenta 8 [curator: Manfred Schneckenburger] Kassel   1987
Earth, Air, Fire, Water: Elements of Art Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 1971 
Films by American Artists: One Medium Among Many Art Council of Great Britian - a traveling exhibition of films 1981
557,087 Seattle 1969
Gerry Schum  Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam  1980
Guggenheim International Guggenheim Museum 1971 
Identifications [Fernsehausstellung II / TV Exhibition II- Artscapes] Kunstverein, Hannover / TV Broadcast 1970 
Image World: Art and Media Culture  Whitney Museum for American Art 1989 
July August Exhibition Book Seth Siegelaub 1970 
la Biennale di Venezia 45: Opera Italiana - Transiti - Museo Elettronico Venice, various locations  1993
la Biennale di Venezia 49: Plateau of Humankind  Venice, various locations  2001 
Made by Sculptors Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam 1978
995,000 Vancouver 1970
1967: At the Crossroads  Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia 1987
Op Losse Schroeven (Square Peg in Round Holes) Stedelijk Museum 1969 
Power: Its Myths and Mores in American Art 1961-1991  Indianapolis Museum of Art  1991
Ready to Shoot: Fernsehgalerie Gerry Schum / videogalerie schum  Kunsthalle Dusseldorf  2003
Reel Work: Artists' Film and Video of the 1970s  Museum of Contemporary Art, Miami  1996
Rooms P.S.1 P.S. 1 1977
Schemes: A Decade of Installation Drawings Elise Meyer Inc 1981
Singular Forms (Sometimes Repeated): Art from 1951 to the Present  Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum  2004 
'60 - '80: Attitudes / Concepts / Images Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam 1982
Sonsbeek 71 Park Sonsbeek, Arnhem  1971
Structures for Behavior  Art Gallery of Ontario  1978
The New Sculpture 1965-75: Between Geometry and Gesture The Whitney Museum of American Art 1990
Thinking Print: Books to Billboards, 1980-1995 The Museum of Modern Art, New York
Urban Encounters: Art Architecture Audience [listed in 100 sites] ICA, University of Pennsylvania 1980
Video Art Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennyslvania, Philadelphia  1975
When Attitudes Become Form (Bern and London)  Kunsthalle Bern 1969
Whitney Biennial 1979 [John G. Hanhardt, Barbara Haskell, Richard Marshall, Mark Segal and Patterson Sims] Whitney Museum of American Art 1979
Whitney Biennial 1981 [John G. Hanhardt, Barbara Haskell, Richard Marshall, and Patterson Sims] Whitney Museum of American Art 1981
Whitney Biennial 1995 [Klaus Kertess]  Whitney Museum of American Art 1995 
Whitney Biennial 2006 [Elisabeth Sussman, John G. Hanhardt, Thelma Golden, and Lisa Phillips] Whitney Museum of American Art 2006
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