1998 ­p; our eighth year of ecumenical work for social justice and human rights

SPAN's upcoming projects:
* Mexican survivors of Acteal massacre,
* Honduras human rights workers,
* Base community children in Tulancingo

** Chiapas delegation Dec. 18-27 **

Dear friends:

SPAN is dedicating the last half of its eighth year in social justice and human rights work to three projects:

* The refugee survivors of the Acteal massacre in Mexico ­p; the Christmas-time massacre of 45 indians by paramitary forces on Dec. 22, 1997 while they were at worship and prayer. We are working with Jesuit priests and others serving survivors who have been driven from their lands in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas.

* Human rights workers in Honduras from COFADEH ­p; the Committee of Relatives of the Detained and Disappeared of Honduras ­p; who are still trying to find out the truth of their murdered and imprisoned relatives despite death threats, as well as with other projects.

* Children from base communities in the central Mexico state of Hidalgo who struggle with malnutrition, poverty and the lack of educational resources ­p; base communities that have formed themselves into an organization called DERHGO, Rural Development of Hidalgo, in their struggle against these conditions.

Those of you who know our work and have supported it know also our deep commitment to the causes and struggles these projects represent. We have brought delegations, financial and material support to numbers of projects since we began SPAN in 1991 ­p; traveling to Nicaragua, Honduras, Cuba and Mexico twelve times since then.

This work makes a difference ­p; it offers hope, provides resources needed for survival and for the chance to flourish, and it builds bridges where there were no bridges before. You make a difference in this "direct encounter" with others through our delegations.

This December and January we are going to return to the three projects described above, and we hope to bring your gift with us ­p; to the Acteal massacre survivors to ease their struggle, to the courageous women and men who are trying to find out what happened to members of their families in Honduras, to the children who form a "chain of life" into the future we all share. Both your gift and the journeys are life-changing.

We also invite you to see for yourself ­p; to share the journey to Chiapas.

This will be from December 18-27, and includes a visit with the Acteal survivors and the Jesuits who are working with them, on the anniversary of last year's massacre, Dec. 22. For more information, contact us either by e-mail, phone or regular mail.

If you wish further information about the entire project or about SPAN, please contact us as well: e-mail address is wrehberg@spanweb.org; phone & fax are +607-546-2250.

We ask you to consider offering a tax-deductible donation to SPAN for the three projects. You may send this to SPAN at 3768 Main Street, Burdett, NY 14818 USA.

Thank you for your consideration,

Wes Rehberg, coordinator

SPAN (Strategic Pastoral Action)
Acción Estratégica y Pastoral wrehberg@spanweb.org
Wes Rehberg, Ph.D. wrehberg@peacenet.org
+607-546-2250, phone & fax http://www.spanweb.org

A human-rights and social-justice NGO working
non-violently through themes of liberation theology
and the pedagogy of the oppressed in areas of struggle.