Routledge, 1996

Editors: Reesa Greenberg , Bruce W. Ferguson, and Sandy Nairne

Note: Related texts on curatorial studies.

Debora J. Meijers The Museum and the "Ahistorical" Exhibition: the latest gimmick by the arbiters of taste, or an important cultural phenomenon?
Mari Carmen Ramirez Brokering Identities: art curators and the politics of cultural representation
Jean-Marc Poinsot Large Exhibitions: a sketch of a typology
Tony Bennett The Exhibitionary Complex
Johanne Lamoureux The Museum Flat
Peter S. Hawkins Naming Names: the art of memory and the NAMES Project AIDS Quilt
Jean-Francois Lyotard Les Immateriaux
Bruce W. Ferguson Exhibition Rhetorics: material speech and utter sense
Gerald McMaster Creating Spaces
Mieke Bal The Discourse of the Museum
Lawrence Alloway The Great Curatorial Dim-Out
Nathalie Heinich / Michael Pollak From Museum Curator to Exhibition Auteur: inventing a single position
Ivan Karp / Fred Wilson Constructing the Spectacle of Culture in Museums
John Miller The Show You Love To Hate: a psychology of the mega-exhibition
Clementine Deliss Free Fall - Freeze Frame: Africa, exhibitions,artists
Valery Petrovich Sazonov The One-Picture Gallery
Judith Barry  Dissenting Spaces
Daniel Buren Function of Architecture: notes on work in connection with the places where it is installed taken between 1967 and 1975, some of which are specially summarized here
Brian O'Doherty The Gallery as Gesture
Ropsalind E. Krauss Postmodernism's Muiseum Without Walls
Reesa Greenberg The Exhibited Redistributed: a case for reassessing space
Germano Celant A Visual Machine: art installation and its modern archetypes
Sandy Nairne The Institutionalization of Dissent
Diana Nemiroff Modernism, Nationalism and Beyond: a critical history of exhibitions of First Nation art
Andrea Fraser In and Out of Place [Louise Lawler / Allan McCollum]
Martha Ward What's Important About the History of Modern Art Exhibitions?

Partial List: Primarily Exhibitions / Institutions / Curators - with only a few of the artists mentioned

ABC No Rio
AIDS Quilt
A.I.R. Gallery
Alternatives in Retrospect (1981)
Apartment Number (1981)
Arrangements of Pictures [Louise Lawler]
Art Gallery of Ontario
Art of the Real (1968)
Art Workers Coalition
Artists Space
Arts Lab, London
Bachelor Machine, The [Harald Szeemann]
Barry, Judith 
Barry, Robert
Bern Kunsthalle
Beuys, Joseph
Beyond History (1989)
Mary Boone
Borrowed Time (1983)
Broodthaers, Marcel
Brooklyn Museum
Buren, Daniel
Bykert Gallery
CAPC Musee d'art contemporain de Borbeaux
Centre Georges Pompidou
Chicago, Judy
Civilian Warfare
Conceptual Art / Arte Povera (1970)
Damaged Goods [1986]
de Maria, Walter
Decade Show (1990)
Destruction Art (1968)
Dia Art Foundation
Durham, Jimme
East Village Scene (1984)
Eight Contemporary Artists
18 Paris IV 70 (1970)
Encounters / Displacements (1992)
Events (1980)
Fashion Moda
Flavin, Dan
Fred Sandback Museum
From Receiver to Remote Control (1989)
Fuchs, Rudi
Fun Gallery
Galeria Foksal, Warsaw
Galleria Sperone
Gracie Mansion
Green Gallery, New York
Guggenheim Museum
Haacke, Hans
Happening & Fluxus
Hoet, Jan
Information (1970)
Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia
Institute of Contemporary Art, London
July, August, September (1969)
Karp, Ivan
Konig, Kaspar
Kosuth, Joseph
Kunsthalle Bern
Land Art (1970)
Latin American Artists of the Twentieth Century
Lawler, Louise
LeWitt, Sol
Lew, Jeffery
Lippard, Lucy
McCollum, Allan
Magiciens de la Terre (1989)
Metro Pictures, New York
Morris, Robert
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
Museum of Modern Art, New York
NAMES Project
New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York
Oldenburg, Claes
Picture is no Substitute for Anything (1981-2)
Real Estate Show (1980)
Rosario Group
Siegelaub, Seth
Skulptur Projekte, Munster
Smith, Jaune Quick-to-See
Spero, Nancy
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
Steinbach, Haim
Strum Gallery, Berlin
Szeemann, Harald
Times Square Show
Tucker, Marcia
Twenty Six Contemporary Women Artists (1971)
van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven
Violence in Recent American Art (1968)
Visions of Power (1991)
Warhol, Andy (Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh)
When Attitudes Become Form (1969)
White Columns
Whitney Museum of American Art / Biennials
Wilson, Fred 
Women Artists in Revolution (WAR)
Women's Action Coalition (WAC) 
Zeitgeist (1982)