The Wake of Utopia [Columbus Quincentenary]

Winter, 1992-93

Editor: Rasheed Araeen

Jean Fisher The Savage Gift: Jimmie Durham's Ama
Guillermo Gomez-Pena The New World (B)order
Oriana Baddeley Nostalgia for a New World
Eduardo Subirats The Vacuous Quincentenary
Gerardo Mosquera The Marco Polo Syndrome: Some Problems around Art and Eurocentrism
Maria Thereza Alves Utopia: A Photo-Text
Roger Bartra Discovering the European wild Man
Ziauddin Sardar Lies, Damn Lies and Columbus: The Dynsmics of Constructed Ignorance
Domingo Cisneros On the Trail...
Rana Kabbani Behind Him Lay the Great City of Cordoba
Lee-Ann Martin The Burden of Authorship: Narratives of First Nations Artists in the Context of Indigena
Ella Shohat Staging the Quincentenary: the Middle East & the Americas
Sean Cubitt Going Native: Columbus, Liverpool, Identity and Memory
Ian McLean The Circumference is Everywhere & the Centre Nowhere: Modernity & the Diasporic Discovery of Columbus as Told by Tzvetan Todorov