Winter, 1995/96

Editor: Rasheed Araeen

Obituary Felix Gonzalez Torres (1957-1996)
Ruston Barucha Dismantling Men: Crisis of Male Identity in "Father, Son and Holy War"
Shigemi Inaga To be a Japanese Artist in the So-Called Postmadern Ear
Victor Tupitsyn A Psychodrome of Misreading: Ilya Kabakov and Harold Bloom
Everlyn Nicodemus  Art and Art from Africa: The Two Sides of the Gap
Paul A. Anderson  David Diao: Critical Painting and the Racial Sublime
Olu Oguibe Medium and Memoryin the Art of Fiona Foley
Taeko Tomiyama Shadows from a Distant Scene
Hiroko Hagiwara Silenced by 'History': Taeko Tomiyana's 'Harbin Station' Series
Robert J. Fouser  Duck-Hyun Cho and the Art of 'Memories' 
Tim Martin Marina Abramovic
Michel Oren Worlds Envisioned: Aligjiero e Boetti and Frederic Bruly Bouabre
Benjamin Genocchio The Subject of Rape: Dennis Del Favero at the Motel Vilina Vlas
Andrew Brighton East International
Jaki Irvine Rights of Passage: Art for the End of the Century